HOT 5 SILVER 3/23/15




1st Appearance of Supergirl
Back on top!  What a difference a week makes.  Low grade copies are breaching the thousand dollar mark with no signs of slowing down.  I know I have said this before, but I do not believe this is solely because of the TV show coming, but more of a book that was undervalued for so long that when collectors and investors actually try to obtain this Silver Age key they realize they have to stand tall with bids.
 Strange Tales #110

2 Strange Tales #110

1st Appearance Dr Strange

Moving up 2 slots from #4 to #2, Dr Strange is almost as hot as Supergirl.  Prices are still climbing with no end in sight.  The time to buy this book was 2 years ago, but there could still be room if you can find a copy near OSPG value.



1st Appearance Daredevil.

Still in 3rd place on the list and does not seem to be going anywhere, at least until we see how the Netflix series plays out.  Copies are slowly gaining in price from the low to middle grade, though again, once the show debuts we will see if this once minor Silver Age Key can hold the current value.



1st Appearance Batgirl

Climbing up a spot this week is the first appearance of Batgirl.  DC recalling or canceling the Rafael Albuquerque cover for Batgirl #41 has not only caused many a debate, but has also brought more collectors and outside investors in to our hobby looking for her first appearance.



1s Appearance Silver Age Atom

Introduced to a whole new audience during this season of Arrow, The Atom is progressing slowly on the show, and may not be the version most true DC fans know.  This is not stopping his first Silver Age appearance from getting some recognition as folks(surprise) are realizing just how tough it is to get your hands on early DC Silver Age comics at a good price.

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