The Brave and the Bold vol.3 #31

The Brave and the Bold v3 #31Welcome back to covers from the Unknown!

Hello all, and welcome back to the the sixth installment of Covers from the Unknown. I have to be completely honest, I did have a different comic picked for today, but with the success of my last Joker cover, and all the chatter about Joker covers online, I decided to move this cover up a couple episodes and debut it today! Today we are looking at The Brave and the Bold #31, from Volume 3, March 2010. The cover is by Jesus Saiz, with a print run slightly under 21,000. Classic closeup of the Joker, with the Atom inside his head! I believe it is just a matter of time before this one is noticed, and will start to be snatched up.

As I am writing this up, there are only 4 on the bay right now. All under $5. I would grab them now. Once Joker variant month hits, I believe everyone will want any and all Joker covers, and this one ranks right up there. I could easily see this being a $30 comic when all is said and done. I would equate this to the The Brave and the Bold #33, from the same series, which includes Zatanna, Batgirl and a Killing Joke flashback. Hot characters + Low Print Run! Also not to be un-noticed, the story is by J. Michael Straczynski! Happy Hunting fellas!

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