WATCHMEN: DC Spotlight #1

DC Spotlight #1

The Watchmen mini-series is one of the most critically acclaimed comic series ever produced by DC. While the series still demands decent money, issue 1 is not the first appearance of the team or major characters. DC Spotlight #1 came out prior to the Watchmen series and is the actual first appearance! Unlike other samplers or giveaways from the time this one remains a difficult find and is rare in high grade thanks in large part to the white cover.

DC Spotlight #1 interior Watchmen page

DC Spotlight #1 interior Watchmen page

Prior to the reintroduction of The Watchmen a few years back, there were a limited number of Watchmen related comics and appearances outside of the mini series. Here are my favorites:

  • Who's Who in the DC Universe Update '87 #5
  • The Question #17 ( Rorschach appearance )
  • Hawk and Dove #2 ( 1989, look for the trophy! )
  • DC Heroes The Watchmen Role Playing Game
  • The Watchmen Sourcebook ( scarce )
  • Dc Heroes Watchmen RPG “Taking out the Trash”
  • Kingdom Come #2


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