HOT 5 SILVER : 3/16/2015




1st Appearance of Medusa
Not sure if it was the Noto Variant, the movie, or #45 getting out of folks reach, but the online market attention has once again focused on this early FF Key Issue.  Sales are up again, with low graders gaining steam, the mid graders commanding higher and higher prices and the in grade examples virtually out of reach of most collectors.  Keep a close eye on this one folks, might see a little lull again as folks focus on other books.

2 Action Comics #252

1st Appearance Supergirl

Still an absolute BEAST of a Silver Age book, though falling one spot on this week's list I do not view this as any weaker than it has been in the last month.  Sales are strong in all grades and do not look to be going anywhere anytime soon.


3  Daredevil #1

1st Appearance of Daredevil

Sitting tight in the third spot again this week, DD #1 is seeing what I assume is a mix of a long overdue market correction along with some hype due to the upcoming Netflix series.  Always viewed as a low end Silver Age Key, the book is finally starting to see some real action and get the respect some thought it was always due.

 Strange Tales #110

4 Strange Tales #110

1st Appearance Dr Strange

Not that this book was not hot for the last year or so, but recent action on this book suggests collectors and investors alike are realizing just how tough this book is to actually find.  Movie or no movie, this has long been an overlooked and undervalued Silver Age Key Issue that is tougher to find than others.


5 Detective Comics #359

1st Appearance of Batgirl

No denying the importance of this Batman Key Issue, and it is nice to see it start to climb a bit quicker in price, even if it is only temporary.  This sudden “extra heat” could be from the news about the cover to Batgirl #41.  Any news that suggests a big change or event with a major character seems to have this effect on the first appearance.

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