Making Money in the Valiant Universe – Part 1


Hello everybody, and welcome to another exciting installment of Comic Bucks!

Today, we are going to begin our journey to a bold new frontier, the Valiant Universe! Big time news has just been released regarding a HUGE budget for several movie projects in the foreseeable future. I hope to enlighten you by showing some key books, mostly from the 90s, which are both awesome and affordable.


For those unfamiliar with Bloodshot, allow me to briefly explain. Imagine if the Punisher had superpowers and was 100 times more badass than he already is. For a further explanation, read the comics. Now let’s talk money!

Eternal Warrior #4 Rai #0 Bloodshot #1

Eternal Warrior 4 – 1st brief appearance (last 3 panels). People have been scrambling to buy this book on eBay over the last couple of days with a raw copy closing at $20 yesterday. A CGC 9.8 sold for $79 two days ago.

Rai 0 – 1st full appearance. As a raw book, this is half the price of Eternal Warrior 4. Don’t ask me why. Raw copies are closing under $10. CGC 9.8s have been selling around the $80 mark since the recent movie news. This is the definitive 1st full appearance so get it while it’s still underrated. Plus, that awesome cover is begging to be signed!

Bloodshot 1 – Buy it for a dollar.


Imagine if Bruce Wayne was actually a ninja assassin who gave zero f*#$s about killing his enemies. For a further explanation, read the comics. They’re cheap and enjoyable.

2904711-06 2904712-07 66806-5348-99803-1-ninjak

Bloodshot 6 & 7 – Number 6 is the 1st appearance of Colin King, aka Ninjak. Bloodshot 7 is the 1st appearance of Ninjak in costume. Both of these books are easy to find NM for a buck or two. Grab a few of each. Of course there’s a chance that this movie won’t be made but there’s worse things to spend 10-12 bucks on.

Ninjak 1 – Don’t you dare spend more than a dollar on this book!

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Comic Bucks. Feel free to let me know how awesome I am or how much you hate my guts. Any feedback here is accepted and appreciated. Until next time!


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