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Marvel Premiere #47 (1979)

WRITER: David Michelinie
ARTIST: John Byrne/Bob Layton Sr.

There’s nothing like a movie spec book which is also a solid key as well.  How can you lose?  With Ant-Man coming to town this summer and Paul Rudd starring as Scott Lang, this book is climbing steadily.  With Near Mint copies breaking $100 and graded books hitting $200, this is a nice comic to own right now.  In fact, it still has plenty of room to grow.  Get it?  Grow?  He’s Ant-Man?  Never mind.


2 Daredevil #170 (Marvel, 1981)

WRITER: Frank Miller
ARTIST: Frank Miller

Trailers are running and buzz is a-buzzing.  Daredevil comes to Netflix on April 10 and everyone’s favorite physically disproportionate villain is scheduled to be a huge part of the show.  Huge part . . . Kingpin’s really big.  Never mind again.  Anyway, in addition to beginning an awesome story-line written and pencilled by Frank Miller, DD 170 gives us the first meeting between the big guy and Matt Murdock.  170 is going for $20-ish, and 170-172 are at about $30.  Expect those prices to jump once the series hits.

avengers 112

3 Avengers #112 (Marvel, 1973)

WRITER: Steve Englehart
ARTIST: Don Heck

Will she be in the next Avengers movie?  The next Guardians of the Galaxy film?  As a one-time member of both teams, the likelihood that Mantis will show up in either (or both) films is pretty solid.  Besides, she’s the only superhero who was once a Vietnamese prostitute, so there is definitely value there.  A Very Fine copy of this book will run you at least $30, and will only grow if she gets a piece of that Avengers action.

marvel tales

4 Marvel Tales #106 (1979)

WRITER: Gerry Conway
ARTIST: Ross Andru

Reprints are fun.  You can read a great, key story without being afraid of spilling your beer or barbeque on it and losing thousands of dollars.  There’s also a market for reprints of key books.  Last week, we talked about Marvel Super-Action #18.  This week, it’s Marvel Tales #106, which reprints Amazing Spider-Man #129.  ASM 129 features the first appearance of The Punisher, and a nice copy will set you back at least $400 on eBay.  A Very Fine MT 106, however, goes for about $15-$20.  Barbeque all day, baby!

star wars

5 Star Wars #1 (Marvel, 1977)

WRITER: George Lucas/Roy Thomas
ARTIST: Howard Chaykin

As one of the most seminal science-fiction films ever produced, Star Wars has spun off into every media imaginable since it first hit theaters in 1977.  Marvel’s Star Wars #1, which was actually released prior to the film’s opening, sold over a million copies.  How many of those million copies have survived in nice shape until today?  Enough that they are available, but not so many that the value doesn’t increase steadily every year.  Very Fine copies can still be had for under $100.  A CGC 9.8?  About $1800.  Keep your eye out for the notorious “$.35 Variant” also.  Very rare and very pricey.  At any rate, this is an excellent book to buy and grade and store in a box until retirement.  Or bankruptcy.  Or whenever you feel like selling it.

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