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Captain America is the cornerstone of Marvel’s expansive cinematic landscape and the third installment of his film series has everyone speculating. Whether it’s Civil War, Spider-Man appearing or the possibility of Cap's death, these incredible rumors have sparked considerable interest for collectors. But we must not forget that at the conclusion of the sequel Cap was left with some unfinished business in Russia, finding Bucky.

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The actor playing Bucky Barnes still has that multi picture deal in place. Will he become Captain America? If so certain issues of Brubaker's now legendary 2005 run will once again catch fire. Bucky's first full appearance as the Winter Soldier is in:

The Winter Soldier

This book has a lot going for it but it's not the only key issue from this run. While I understand that issues 6, 6b and 14 are sexier, issue 1 is where Brubaker started one of the greatest reinventions in comic history. He did so by managing to resurrect an icon without alienating the hardcore fanbase. It is a true key in every sense and it just so happen to feature The Winter Soldier in shadows!

If you read my article last week you know that the convoluted nature of what constitutes a first appearance was the catalyst for creating these articles. Is issue 1 The Winter Soldier’s first appearance? Well I guess that’s up for debate and I would love to hear your arguments!

Here is my collector’s list for The Winter Soldier:

Captain America 1 ( 2005 ): First appearance of The Winter Soldier ( in shadow )
Marvel’s Greatest Comics reprint of issue 1 ( rare )


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