Speculation in the UK: Descender


Bit of a sparse week for spec, but when you have a book like Descender who needs other stuff!

So this week it’s all about Descender #1


Descender #1 was without doubt the best book I have read in ages. I really, really enjoyed it. I have always been a big fan of Lemire’s work in both his own stuff (Sweet Tooth, Underwater Welder, Trillium) and stuff he done for the big 2 (Green Arrow run) but with this he has just knocked it out the park. The art by Dustin Nguyen is also his best work to date in my opinion and really suits the story.

I think this book has massive massive potential.

Now there were a lot of covers for this and some really nice ones at that. Here is the full list:
(Thanks to Jimmy Linguini for his help with the print runs)

0Descender 1 Cover A Dustin Nguyen 1Descender 1 Cover B Jeff Lemire
0Descender 1 EH Jeff Lemire Variant 1000 copies 001_descender01fDescender 1 EH B&W Jeff Lemire Variant 500 copies
0Descender 1 Old Republic Comics Dustin Nguyen Variant 1500 copies 1Descender 1 Old Republic Comics B&W Dustin Nguyen Variant 500 copies
4Descender 1 Forbidden Planet/Jetpack Declan Shalvey Variant 1500 copies
5Descender 1 Forbidden Planet/Jetpack B & W Declan Shalvey Variant 500 copies
0Descender 1 Beachball Nate Powell Variant 1000 copies 0Descender 1 Painted Visions Rafael Albuquerque Variant 1000 copies
2Descender 1 BAM/2nd & Charles Jeff Lemire Variant 4000 copies 0Descender 1 Comics Dungeon ECCC Dustin Nguyen Variant 1300 copies
3Descender 1 ECCC Sean Murphy Variant 1000 copies 3Descender 1 Four Colour Grail Ray Fawkes Variant 1000 copies

Out of this list the ones I see having best long term spec are in this order:

  • Cover B
  • Eh! variants
  • Painted Visions
  • ECCC Sean Murphy
  • Comic Dungeons ECCC
  • Cover A

Now a lot of these variant are US or Canadian exclusives, hence they are blowing up in price in the UK, but even the standard covers are going for 4 to 6 times cover. This book has a great future and I look forward to spending more time with it 🙂

If you see the standard covers in your LCS, GRAB THEM! If you can pick up US exclusive variants at decent price GRAB THEM!!!

This book is only going one place in my opinion and that is UP!!!

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