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So I read Saga 25 the other day and it literally blew my mind. This book keeps getting better and better, consistently selling out, even though there is ZERO real movie hype. I rarely see any back issues under 10 and RARELY see a number 1 in the wild. This epic series continues to gain new fans, which translates to more comic bucks. Buy these Saga comic books and hold them for awhile.

Saga #1 Diamond Retailer Summit Variant

Saga #1 Diamond Retailer Summit Variant

Saga #1 Diamond Retailer Summit Variant

Limited to only 500 copies, this is THE Saga book to have. CGC 9.8 sales are closing in the $800-$900 range. There’s a beautiful CGC yellow label 9.8 signed by both Brian Vaughan and Fiona Staples on the Bay for $1300. If you got the funds and you’re feeling sexy, make an offer for $900 and see what happens.

Take your time and look for a deal. When the time is right, buy this book and hold on tight!!!

Saga 1st printings (actually any printings) are tough as hell to find in the wild. NM raw copies range between $90 – $120. CGC 9.8s will run you about $200. If you’re all about that yellow label, plan on spending between $250-$350, depending on if you want 1 or both sigs.

Subsequent printings sell for about $25 each so don’t be afraid to buy a 2nd – 5th print if you encounter one out in the wild. I’ve yet to see one with my own eyes.

First PrintingSecond PrintingThird PrintingFourth PrintingFifth Printing
Saga #2

Saga #2

Issue 2 features the 1st appearance of Izabel, in all her intestinal glory. She’ll probably be around for awhile since she’s a ghost and can’t really die.

This is also the first appearance of The Stalk, a deadly and strangely sexy bounty hunter. I’m not saying I would but I’m also not saying I wouldn’t…

Anyhow, buy these and hold for awhile. A signed CGC 9.8 just sold on the bay for $100. Sounds like a deal to me, considering that raw copies sell for an easy $25.

Saga #4

Saga #4

Issue 4 features the first full appearance of The Will and Lying Cat. I haven’t seen too much Will cosplay because most men are not badass enough to pull it off. Looks like I might have to shave my head, get a cape, and start smoking ciggies again!

1st printings go for about $25. A CGC 9.8 just closed at $50. Sexy yellow 9.8s are about a hundred.

Saga #19 Retailer Summit

Saga 19 Diamond Retailer Summit Variant

Saga 19 Diamond Retailer Summit Variant

There are not too many of these out there. They were only handed out to dealers who attended the Diamond Retailer Summit.

This particular issue, in addition to being scarce as hell, also features the 1st appearance of Dengo, who is shaping up to be a key player in the Saga Universe. He is a merciless killer, hell-bent on avenging the senseless death of his son. I have a feeling, however, that he might have some good still left in him… very Vaderesque.

Anyhow, raw copies are selling for $50 while CGCs 9.8s are getting around $170. This is a solid investment as it is super limited and features the 1st appearance of a prominent character. Get this book and hold onto it for a while.

I’m sure with enough time and footwork, you could buy a raw copy, send it to CGC, and get a 9.8 back for under $100 total investment.

Thanks for checking out Comic Bucks. Feel free to constructively or destructively criticize!

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