Dollar meals to go!

Hey there squirrels! Looks like you all gotta taste of what Uncle Sadjunk had to offer and you’re back for seconds! Good by me!

But just a friendly remember folks; I ain’t catering to the big shots with them fancy tastes, who like to roll up Spider Gwen #1 Adam Hughes variants an’ smoke em.

Nossir, I proudly serve the common man just lookin for a bargain. You ain’t gonna get rich offfa this stuff, but you will save yourself a couple of bucks, as opposed to buying them on eBay. So support your local comic store!

Alright then, let’s dig into another serving of cheap treats.

Get it Now!

Marvel Age books (various)

Marvel_Age_Vol_1_91The chutzpah of some folks who put these books online – and books is a loose term here, these things are better described as pamphlets – for anything over $5 just blows my mind. I talked to a guy who was asking $100 for a Marvel Age #91!!! But, we live in an age where an instance of an advertisement in published matter is enough to drive people nuts and forget what a first appearance actually means. (For those who don’t know, it means first appearance in an actual storyline.) Father forgive me, for I have sinned with this advice, but I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t tell you to wander over to a dollar bin and find either the aforementioned Marvel Age #91 (preview of Thanos Quest, with actually nice cover), Marvel Age #6 (preview of Beta Ray Bill), Marvel Age #12 (concept art of Spider-Man’s black costume), Marvel Age #97 (preview of Darkhawk), Marvel Age #99 (preview of Infinity Gauntlet) and Marvel Age #100 (preview of Sleepwalker). In the dollar bin, these are a buck. Online, the askin’ prices of some of these books is well enough to drive a man to drink.

Honorable mentions:

Captain Marvel Vol. 7, #17

Captain_Marvel_Vol_7_17Now, here’s a good rule of bin digging to keep in mind: Just because ya know a book is hot, that doesn’t mean others do. This book is a prime example of that. I can’t tell you the number of times I have found this book just sitting by itself in some back issue bin at cover. It just flies under the radar with a lot of owners, and collectors too, obviously. I even performed a test over a couple of weeks where I left it in one bin at an LCS where I found it, and then came back again, and again, and again … and it was still there. I consider this book to be Kamala Khan’s first appearance, and though others may argue for issue #14, Marvel did print this a second time with Khan’s picture on the cover, so that settled it for me. Anyways, some chuckleheads online are asking decent bucks for this book. Do you wanna pay them, or find your own copy for cover price? If you don’t have this already for some reason, it’s an easy get.

Thor: God of Thunder 12

Thor_God-of-Thunder_12-674x1024-300x455Another case of a book being overlooked by some, while others jack up prices online for a copy. Find yourself at cover price the first appearance of Roz Solomon before she is revealed to be the new female Thor, as everyone at this point kinda agrees this is gonna happen. There are a couple of other candidates for that title that are also found cheaply, but for this column I'm going to go with the book that has found consensus. (By the way, that reveal of which lady is hidin under that helmet is in the next issue of Thor as I understand it, so cover your bets gentlemen before the wheel stops spinnin!)



New X-Men: Academy X #5

25_75999_0_NewXMenAcademyX5ChoosingSidesPSome folks been noticing that Megan Gwynn, a.k.a. Pixie, is an interesting character and a bit of a favorite among some fan boys and fan girls, since she makes for pretty cosplay and has become more prominent in X-books over time. Well guess what, you can find her first appearance cheap even online. So don’t pass this pick this up for less than $2 when you find it, alright?






Ame-Comi Vol. 1, #1 and #3

duela-dentI mentioned earlier the cosplay element of some characters’ popularity (Cough, Harley Quinn, cough) so I got myself to wondering, these books are pretty cheap buys when you consider they introduce some very unique presentations of DC super heroines. The most popular was the re-imagination of Duela Dent, done up in steampunk style as a cute but vicious killer. (It don’t hurt that more than a couple of well-endowed ladies have showed up sportin that style at cons. Google it! Or just click here. Yowza!) These are easy, cheap pickups for the PC. And their relative obscurity will ensure they will gain some value in time.



Uncle Sadjunk’s Crazy Dollar Bin Story

So kiddos, you don’t think lightning strikes twice? Well let’s have a chat with Ohio resident Ben Steiniger.

Mr. Steiniger is a regular comic book hunter and likes to scour bins for good deals. And man, he did ever find some scores to make another man jealous.

His first came courtesy of being in Nowhere, Ohio. He went to a LCS that was havin a half off sale. He picked up for a grand total of $10: three Morlocks #1, a Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #50, an Echo #1, a New Teen Titans Vol. 1 #16 (preview of Captain Carrot) and … a New Teen Titans Vol. 1 # 2 (first appearance of Deathstroke the Terminator!)


The price breakdown, Mr. Steiniger? “Believe it or not, the NTT #2 was $0.99. Echo #1, NTT #16 and SS #50 were $0.49 each. (I paid full cover for the Morlocks) Yikes!”

Why you …

But Mr. Steiniger’s luck didn’t end there. Next week he was in the Garden State on a business trip, and found himself near a comic store in Nowhere, New Jersey.

Let’s let Mr. Steiniger tell the tale.

“I saw the sign as I was driving back to my hotel and something told me to turn around and check it out. I looked at his current comics and noticed some Captain Marvel #1's (Vol. 7) sitting on the shelf, so I looked closer.

“I saw three New Suicide Squad #1‘s too, but kind of dinged up. So I thought to myself, yeah, I don't really have the time, but maybe I'll hit it up as it looks like he might have some hot issues.

“So I just started going through the longboxes he had sitting there (nicely organized) and started finding things. I was nervous when I got to the counter that he was going to quote me some ridiculous price, but cover price it was.”


Sweet mary! Now, I hadta ask him, how did he pull that off? What would he tell those SOBs who cry about how they never come across finds like that?

“Check everywhere and know what the hot covers look like,” Mr. Steiniger advises. “I also keep pics of covers in my iPhone notes, just so I won't forget. When traveling, I've stopped at antique shops, LCS's, used bookshops, whatever.  If it looks like there is a good chance, I'll try and look, at least briefly. It has paid off.”

Well, you hear that kiddos? A little bit of shoeleather and a bit o' hustle’ll land you some sweet deals of your own!

So you got your story to share, shoot me a note at But no fish stories here – I’ll need proof of purchase.

Until next time kiddos… I’ll BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR!


  • Chris Obeso

    Awesome!!! As a compulsive dollar bin digger, I appreciate this article. Keep up the good work and watch out for those chuckleheads!

  • Santos

    Some good books I never even would of thought about picking up. That X men academy book sure has a sweet cover.

  • Avatar

    Great write up. Happy to see this in a category. Great work please keep it up!!!

  • Matt DeVoe

    I’m a dollar hunter as well. Love this article. I’ve picked up multiples of Capt. Marvel 14 & 17 in the $1 bins. JUST picked up Thor #12 at cover based on your spec. I have yet to have seen a copy of Morlocks in the wild. Batgirl #12 is absolutely the most plentiful book I’ve found in $1 bins. Echo #1 pops up a lot too. Thanks again!

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