Superman & Batman #7 French Limited Edition Variant – December 2006


Superman & Batman #7 (French Limited Edition)

The fourth installment of Covers from the Unknown looks at Superman Batman #7 French Limited Edition Variant, with an amazing cover by Gabrielle Dell’Otto. This comic was distributed by Panini and is limited to 2,000 copies. Like most of the French editions of American Marvel and DC comics, It is actually a combo comic, and contains Action Comics #843, Superman #646, Batman #657 and Detective Comics #823. Good luck trying to find anything that ties all those comics together though. It is definitely a weird assortment to put together in a combo comic.

It is quite a shame that cover has never been released in any way in the US, since it has the making of one of those symbolic Batman Joker covers. A few pop up here and there on the bay (which is the only place I have ever seen them), and usually go over $50. This is one of those comics you probably have to have if you are a Batman or Dell’Otto fan! Happy Hunting fellas!


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