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avengers 144

1 Avengers #144 (Marvel, 1976)

WRITER: Steve Englehart
ARTIST: George Perez
Features the first appearance of Patricia “Patsy” Walker as Hellcat.  The news of Transformer's Rachael Taylor being cast as “Tricia Walker” in the upcoming A.K.A Jessica Jones Netflix show has this issue at and above $20 for a nice copy.
action 521

2 Action Comics #521 (DC, 1981)

WRITER: Ross Andrew
ARTIST: Dick Giordano

First appearance of Mari Jiwe McCabe, otherwise known as Vixen.  Marc Guggenheim has announced that there will be an animated Vixen mini-series coming to television in 2015, and that Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin have been cast for voice work as Green Arrow and Flash, respectively.  And if you needed another reason to pick up this lady’s first app., there is also every reason to believe she may show up in the Suicide Squad movie in 2016.  Very Fine copies are going for $25-ish right now

MSA 18

3 Marvel Super Action #18 (Marvel, 1980)

WRITER:  Roy Thomas
ARTIST: John Buscema

Avengers: Age of Ultron is sneaking up on us quick-like.  Among all kinds of good stuff the movie promises, it will be introducing us to The Vision.  Vision’s first appearance is Avengers #57, which is getting pretty pricey.  As that one grows more out of folks’ reach, they will most likely start reaching for the reprint in Marvel Super Action #18, which can still be found for cover here and there.  MSA 18 sells for at least $20 on eBay for a nice copy.

UXM 169

4 Uncanny X-Men #169 (Marvel, 1983)

WRITER: Chris Claremont
ARTIST: Bob Wiacek

Last week's Hot 10 talked about Gina Carano kicking people's ass as Angel Dust in the Deadpool movie, due out in 2016.  The spec on that news leads to the first appearance of Angel Dust in Morlocks #1.  While you're digging for that one, the first appearance of the Morlocks themselves, X-Men #169 is only a couple of boxes over . . .

hero for hire

5 Hero for Hire #2 (Marvel, 1972)

WRITER: Archie Goodwin
ARTIST: George Tuska

Well she’s not Typhoid Mary, and she surely isn’t Lady Bullseye – the word’s out after months of speculation:  Rosario Dawson is playing Claire Temple in the Daredevil Netflix show coming up next month.  A very cool casting, as she provides an awesome tie-in for both the Luke Cage and A.K.A. Jessica Jones shows still on the way.  Claire’s first appearance is Hero for Hire #2 – copies can still be found for cheap, but not for long!


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