1st Appearance of Supergirl
With the hype of a new T.V. Show coming soon, collectors and investors alike are scrambling to get a copy of this book before even low grade examples become out of reach for most.Prices are already getting uncomfortable for most with POOR incomplete copies hitting 250-300.00 and beat raw Good copies realizing 500-600 in an auction setting.Previously undervalued in my opinion, AC 252 is finally seeing a price correction that is not likely to revert back to pre 2015 prices.
Amazing Spider-Man #31

2 Amazing Spider-Man #31

1st Appearance Gwen Stacy

EOS 2 is HOT, Spider-Gwen 1 is out and hot, naturally Gwen's 1st appearance is getting a lot of attention.  Prices have been on the rise for the last couple of weeks and have yet to find the ceiling.

Aquaman #1

3 Aquaman #1

1st Issue

While this book was already on people's radar, Jason Momoa's pic as Aquaman getting revealed last week has led to a new wave of investors and speculators basically removing every affordable copy from the market.



1st Purple Man

Confirmed to be a large role in Netflix's A.K.A. Jessica Jones, this long forgotten Silver Age minor 1st appearance is getting some new life breathed into it.  Still affordable for even the casual collector, prices are still on the rise.

Avengers #11

5 Avengers #11

1st Avengers/Spidey Meeting, early Spidey X-Over and appearance.

Marvel secures the rights to use Spider-Man in their own movies…  While people initially scrambled for copies of Avengers 316, they quickly realized that Avengers 11 would be a much wiser investment.  No surprise here, but affordable copies dried up immediately online as a new market price is set.

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