Master Lock Presents The Incredible Hulk – August 2003


Welcome back to covers from the Unknown! The third installment of Covers from the Unknown looks at “Master Lock Presents the Incredible Hulk #1”.


This comic was a Master Lock giveaway if you bought a padlock during early 2003. The catch was you also had to mail in the UPC from the padlock to receive the comic. So, even though the print run of the comic was 50,000, I would be hard pressed to actually believe there are more than 10k of these comics out there. And that'd actually be pushing it. These are on the bay, Amazon and a few online retailers. They range anywhere from $10-$50.

I have always been a huge Hulk fan, so I do have this in my collection, as would any Hulk fan, but the art isn’t the best. Just look at the cover. Looks like the Hulk is the lovechild of the Hulk and the Leader. It was by Laws, Bright and Perrota, in no ways, highly sought after creators in the comic book world. Happy Hunting fellas!

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