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We are going to switch gears a little bit this week and focus on an author. Why the change? Well, the essential core purpose of a comic book is to be read, am I right?

Warren Ellis hails from Essex, England. His first work was published in the British magazine Deadline in 1990 and he soon started working for Marvel in 1994. A modern artist to the comic scene, Ellis has also done work for DC, Image, and a few independent labels.

To me, reading sentences by Warren Ellis is like watching reality jump off the pages of the comic itself. Sometimes it only takes one or two sentences (even one or two words) for Ellis to describe an entire page of multiple panels. His story sometimes flows so fast that you honestly feel a part of the action and before you know it, the book is over, leaving you wanting more.

Warren Ellis stories will always be in demand. Some of these books you will be able to find for a $1 good read, while others may cost you a little bit to track down. All of these books are worth holding on to as authors begin to finally get more credit for their amazing works in comics and graphic novels.

Storm Vol 1 #1


These are two of Ellis' early Marvel works. Storm Vol 1 #1 includes a sweet early Terry Dodson cover. What If Vol 2 #77 is a great What If story featuring the low key bad guy referred to as Legion. I mean come on, a blue flat top? Kid ‘N Play would be jealous.

What If Vol 2 #77


Carnage Mind Bomb One Shot

Carnage Mind Bomb is actually a stunning story, with nice art, and a great cover. This is a One-Shot and had a low print run, so it is hard to find, especially in mint condition with a wait for it . . . wait for it . . . red foil cover! One of the coolest Doctor Strange covers I have seen (drawn by Bill Reinhold), Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #82 looks like a good read. I just found out about this one, so I'll be looking for this one in the wild.

Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #82

Moon Knight Vol 7 #1
Find Moon Knight Vol 7 #1 and pick it up. Also pick up #2-#6. Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey produced one of the most stunning, free-flowing stories of 2014 in this series. Thunderbolts #110-#121 also features Warren Ellis stories. I've not read any of these yet, but they are now on my list. BONUS! These are all Marko Djurdjevic covers.
Thunderbolts #121
Wolverine #119
Wolverine #119-122 is another awesome four part story done by Ellis. Could “Not Dead Yet,” have been foreshadowing to last year's Wolvy event? A sequel disguised as a prequel? Most likely not, but indeed a good read. Warren Ellis also did a run on Hellblazer. Pick up #134-#143 for some John Constantine craziness.
Hellblazer #134
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #83
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #83 and #84 features the Infected story. Another highly recommended read. John McCrea has some really cool art in this story as well. Trees came out last year, and to me, was a very underrated Image story. #9 comes out in May so it must still be selling well.
Trees #1
Dv8 #1
I have not read Dv8, but it does contain Humberto Ramos art for issues #1 and #2 and #4 through #7. Warren Ellis on scripts, J.H. Williams III providing the art. Enough said for Desolation Jones.
Desolation Jones #1
Ocean #1
Ocean looks like a great read. Set in an era one hundred years from now, Ocean is a story that tells the tale of Nathan Kane, a United Nations weapons inspector, and his mission to Cold Harbor, a UN research station in orbit around Europa. Gen 13 #33 contains a preview for Warren Ellis' Planetary and looks like a story for Comico Ridiculoso. What is really going on in this cover? A giant baby is beer bonging a bathtub full of White Russians?
Gen 13 #33

Fell #1
Fell received two Eisner Awards nominations, for Best New Series and Best Continuing Series. Transmetropolitan #23 contains a preview for 100 Bullets. If you're into previews. If not, read the story. Any Transmetropolitan comic is worth the purchase just for the read.  

Transmetropolitan #23

Next are some of the keys already surrounding Mr. Warren Ellis. These books are all worth the pickup and hold (most can even be sold now) as they will retain their value and only go up with time.

Next are four trade paper backs that are a must pickup if you enjoy reading Warren Ellis. No I'm not speculating on TPB's (some are actually worth good money), but if you see these online or in the wild cheap, it's definitely worth the pickup. Thor Vol 1 TPB #5 features the Warren Ellis World Engine story. Ellis is quoted as saying the setting of newuniversal is “an alternate world where America is somewhat isolationist, Soviet Russia fell apart early and China took the lead in spaceflight,” and contains some nice Salvador Larroca art. Ellis' quote on Freak Angels, “I've written two hundred pages and I still have no idea what it's about . . .,” shows that this is a must read. Crécy depicts some of the events surrounding the historical Battle of Crécy and a wonderful read for anybody, especially history buffs.


  • Iñigo

    Brilliant introduction to Warren Ellis! Not much of speculation, but in regards to pure fun, nothing can beat Next Wave or his 6-issue Secret Avengers stint (v1 #16-21, each issue with a different artist including Aja, Lark or Maleev). When Mr Ellis is on, he’s too cool for words. Again, great job NeBo!!!

  • Avatar

    There are all kinds of other Ellis comics, one which I still have not found the last two issues but the first two helped to bring me back into comics was the The Black Summer series. Also if you like zombies even remotely don’t forget the Black Gas series or TP. There are many others not mentioned here and with very little research one would be rewarded with many more Ellis stories!

    • NeBo

      Troy, with only so much space, I had to pick and choose what to post. But yes, Warren Ellis has done a ton of more stories besides the ones posted here. This article is only meant as a spotlight. That said, come back again and thanks for the feedback!

  • Avatar

    Sorry I meant no disrespect or to be asinine, and sorry if it came off that way! I only meant to lead others to some of the lesser known series by a great writer, and with a little more research there are many other stories others can enjoy. Thanks for being nice, it shows the character of your person. He, Ellis, is a prolific writer and as Iñigo said when he is on he is one of the greatest! It is a great write up, on Ellis. As I said above sorry if I came off as being asinine or disrespectful it was not meant and sorry it came off that way.

  • Avatar

    The thunderbolts run is spectacular! I have all the comics but had to buy the trades because I have wanted to read it so many times. Definitely one of my favorites.

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