Week of 2/25/15: Spider-Gwen’s here!


One book to rule the week

If you could only choose one comic book to buy from all the new comics being released this Wednesday, what would it be?

We ask the staff here at ComicBookInvest.Com the same question and are sometimes surprised by their answers. Made up of a wide range of comic book speculators, enthusiasts, and businessmen, the staff prides itself on being able to identify the worthy from the unworthy each Wednesday.

Here's what they had to say this week:


Spider-Gwen #1

Mark C: After all the hype and tomfoolery with all the variant covers, etc., my pick has gotta be the regular cover Spider-Gwen #1. I'm not gonna drop a lot of money on an unproven character and variant covers that haven't impressed me at all, but I do want to give the book a shot and see if it's worth all the fuss.

Keith S: I actually read edge of spider-verse 2 the other night and it was pretty damn good.

Justin W: In case it wasn't mentioned, Spider-Gwen #1 is sold out at Diamond.  I'll pick up a few copies.

Jeff N: I'm also for the Spider-Gwen #1 regular cover. This book will almost certainly go to 4 or maybe even 8 prints, LOL (not really “LOL”, I guess it's a real possibility, now that I think about it). 1st print will be a $25 book in no time IMO.

Mark H: To sell, Spider Gwen #1.  Since I may never come to own an EotS #2, I will NOT miss this one!

Rory D: I know everyone is going to grab a Spider-Gwen #1 variant/regular cover or something. Me, I grabbing as many blank variants as i can. I plan to stalk Robbi Rodriguez or some other poor artist to draw some one of O' kind of thing. That's money son!


Spider-Gwen #1 (Adam Hughes 1:100 Variant)

Trey K: Hughes Variant for Spider-Gwen #1 is my pick.  I can't argue that it’s not his best work, but it's grown on me, and getting $200 on eBay and midtown already.

Agustin S: Spider-Gwen #1 Hughes Variant, the 1 in 100, not that other one that's selling for $20 to $30.  Yes, the one that was selling on ebay a few weeks ago at $100 to $150 and people thought it was mad crazy.  Yes, the one that is now sold out at Midtown Comics at $213 bucks.  And, yep, the one that there’s a crazy listing for $500 BiN on ebay right now (which prob won’t sell). Luckily, I’m getting 1 copy. I’m glad I reserved this book 3 months ago.

Agustin S: Also, I’ve been keeping an eye on the Spider-Gwen #1 1 in 25 variant.  I believe, weeks ago, it would hardly move at $12 to $20. Now, it is selling for $35 to $45 easy and I think it will still bring in a bit more money by Wednesday.

Keith S: Spider Gwen #1 Hughes variant is going to rule the roost.

Matt D: I'm with Trey K, I'm only picking up the Hughes 1:100 variant (I'll pick up a bunch of standard too). I passed on the rest. Like Star Wars #1, all the store variants have all priced each other out of any large bump in value.

Jeff N: I'm going to go with the Spider-Gwen 1:100 Hughes variant as well. I was one of the few that liked it from the get go and I still think it's a great piece of art. It's kind of refreshing to see AH! broaden his style a little bit from the usual T & A.

Nick N: Can't afford Hughes, so I'm investing in the Hastings ones to pair with my Silk variants


Batman #39 (Andy Kubert Variant)

Thomas P: Batman #39, to read.  Love or hate what they are doing with the Joker's mythos in the Endgame arc, Snyder is still telling a great story and Capullo's art has been fantastic. Also, I'm really digging the backup storyline by Tynion.  Some creepy Joker goodness there. The regular cover with the Joker sitting on a throne of twisted bodies is pretty sweet too.

Ben C: What Thomas P said.

Mark H: To read, Batman #39.

Paul G: Batman #39 because Snyder and Capullo are doing awesome stuff right now…and Spider Gwen #1 because I'll be reviewing it for the greatest comic book website in the world!

Rory D: Batman #39- Snyder is messing with my head.

Justin W: Batman #39 – End Game, to read.

Keith S: I'm looking forward to reading batman #39, and the Kubert variant is so freaky!


Suiciders #1 (Jock variant)

Brian S: Suiciders #1 Jock variant just to be different ( but really Hughes Spider-Gwen )

Keith S: That's a great cover!

John B: I'm gonna go with Suiciders #1 by Lee Bermejo it’s a new ongoing series through the Vertigo imprint, so the print run should be miniscule.  I believe it only has 2 variant covers and one of them is done by Jock (which looks pretty bad ass).  I've got some Spider-Gwens coming in, but I think the sleeper hit is going to be Suiciders.


Orphan Black #1

Ronan K: Easy one!  Micro print run, amazing show, and an actress who is going to explode soon.  Orphan Black #1 Complete 8 Cover Box Set, $29.99

Yanni G:  I thought about getting that.  Show is popular, but there are very few TV show comics that have ever done well.

Ronan K: I think I got it for around $19.99 at DCBS.  Comes with 8 different variants of issue #1, in its own unique collector case, and I figured hardly anybody would go for it.  It was an easy grab for me.   I do imagine it will flip for double.   It reminds me of the old Jericho series – its fans are ardent

Nick N: I’ll go with the RI photo variant for Orphan Black for profit by %. Burgeoning cult following for that show.


Uncanny Avengers #2

Yanni G: Phil Noto killed all his Marvel variants this week. These are not a quick flip, but long term they should do well.


Thor Annual #1


Anthony L: Thor Annual. Looks like an interesting read.


Secret Origins #10


Paul G: Secret Origins #10 is selling out fast…Batgirl, Firestorm and Poison Ivy origins. Tie in with Batgirl #39…Stjepan Sejic art on Poison Ivy.

Honorable Mentions (Runners-Up):

Anthony L: Black Hood #1 looks like it could be a reader and has a nice Francavilla variant

Justin W:  Low #6, the story has room for expansion, and of course Greg Tocchini art!

Rory D: Low #6- not that popular, but i love the concept & the art is trippy.

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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