Spec Alert: Enormous

Early on, it was clear that this book was going to be difficult to find in stores. Even after I asked my local comic shops for multiple copies and 2nd printings, stores were either reluctant to do so or if they tried, they ended up with shortened or missing orders.

215ink and creators Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour had a beast of a job getting Diamond to shape up. They worked hard to get these books into stores (despite Diamond) and were always active on message boards and Facebook thanking readers for their patience and support.

It's also worth nothing that during conventions they never gouged their supporters. At NYCC they charged $5 for every two books you bought, including the hard to find variants and back issues (especially the NYCC 1 variant). Who does that at a convention? I was prepared to pay $100 for 1 copy of their #1 variant and instead I got 2 for a mere $5. So, spec or no spec, I permanently support Tim's books like Burning Fields.

It's nice to see a good book with good creators get the right deal. Even without a TV/Movie deal, the standard covers consistently brought in double to triple of the cover price. That will no longer be the case.

With the news of the Enormous/Fox deal, I thought I'd post the print run numbers that I've been keeping track of. The print run is incredibly small. I'm not saying this is Walking Dead big, but, for comparison, the print run for Walking Dead 1 was 7200. And THAT was incredibly tiny. I can't think of many current comics (especially with big network TV deals ) that even come close to any of these print runs.

Enormous (or not so Enormous) Print Run

0 2 0 0
1A & 1B … 3274(4618 total with Hastings & P*****m) 1 Hastings … 800 1 P*****m … 544 1 NYCC … 106
 1  0  1 1
1 2nd print … 2000 1 Kaiju … 420 1 B&W Creature … 96 to 149
(numbers have been all over, but always under 150)
2A & 2B … 2244
2 1  1  0
3A & 3B … 1847 4A & 4B … 3906 4 NYCC Comicxposure A … 250 4 NYCC Comicxposure B … 250
0  2  0  0
5A & 5B … 4636 6A & 6B … 4800(est. not available yet) 6 CHU Blank … 100 6 CHU B&W … 100
6 Comicxposure … 250

Thanks Tony Hammock of Comic Heating Up for your print numbers and the ComicXposure numbers for #6!


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