Classic Cover of the Week 2/16/15



Fight Against Crime # 20


(Story Comics)

Classic decapitation cover!  Served up to look like an E.C. Comic, this was one of the last true Pre-Code Horror books with such a horrific cover before the Comics Code was introduced the same year.  Not impossible to find a copy for your collection, but be prepared to pay up, VG range copies have been fetching in the 2,000.00 range.

37 Examples on the CGC Census with an average of 4.42.  Highest known copy is 7.5 with 3 existing, the rest make up the very bottom of the scale(For the most part)

SHELF DATE of July 1954



Exciting Comics 35


(Nedor/Better Publications)

Alex Schomburg World War 2 cover.  Not enough?  Add in a machine guy toting Black Terror and Kid Terror driving a steam roller over the enemy soldiers and you have an instant classic.  Tough to find as copies just do not come up for sale often.  What is surprising is that a well known online site is offering a slabbed 4.0 for a little under 500.00.

15 Universal Examples on the CGC Registry.  2 top the chart at a surprising 9.0 while the others are a mix of mid to low graders.

SHELF DATE of October 1944


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