Covers from the Unknown: Salvation Run #7 1:10 Variant – June 2008


Welcome to the first episode of Covers from the Unknown! My first comic to look at is the Salvation Run #7, Neal Adams variant.


Amazing Joker cover and low print run! All the Salvation Run comics had a print run of under 30k, and #7 comes in at a little under 28,000 printed. That means there are a little under 3,000 of these out there. Good luck in finding any at all. There is currently one on the bay as I type this, with a BIN of $50. My guess is it will be gone soon. Looking at completed listings, someone got a great deal with a BIN of $5.99

For anyone not familiar with the Salvation Run series, it was released in late 2007, and early 2008, and ran in parallel with the Final Crisis storyline. For anyone familiar with the tv show Survivor, think DC villians on a deserted island. In my opinion, the only good thing to come out of the storyline was this cover. Any Joker or Adams fan will be sure to add this to their collection. With so many iconic Joker covers, this one ranks right up there.

Happy Hunting fellas!


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