Variant Heat Check: Silk


With all the hype surrounding the release of Spider-Gwen later this month, it seems as people may have been sleeping on Silk.


Silk #1 1:25 Lee Variant

Copies of this variant were flying off the virtual shelves as many online retailers were selling out fairly quickly after opening up the order window for next week’s releases. In fact one retailer showed this as sold out at $20 in the morning, only to bring back copies later in the afternoon at $50 (and they were sold out as of this publication!). This may be one of the hottest books at your LCS next week!


Amazing Spider-man #4 Ramos variant

One book that has started to heat up with the upcoming release of Silk #1 is Amazing Spider-man #4 Ramos variant. This book languished at $10 for awhile, then started a gradual climb to $20. Recently, sales have started to creep over the $30 barrier. Although a steady climb is noteworthy, there are 2 factors that work against this book:

  1. For some dumb reason they decided not to show a full Silk reveal on the cover, leaving you with a tease of a shadow
  2. There are 3 Campbell Conquest variants that are rarer than the Ramos variant, but which depict the Black Cat on it?!?!?!

These two factors may put a ceiling on this book, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this book hit $50.

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