The Wolverine ABCs by Sean Gordon Murphy

Thought I would start the day by writing a quick piece about this infamous sketchbook. I am not sure if there's enough interest among you regarding sketchbooks in general, so I thought I would give it a go and get some feedback.

Wolverine ABCs by Sean Gordon Murphy

Cover of Wolverine ABCs by Sean Gordon Murphy

More than a sketchbook, an actual illustration book, with a beautiful Wolverine drawing for each letter of the alphabet:

Wolverine ABCs Content

Wolverine ABCs: All images merged into a single one. In the original book, each drawing is on a different page.

The book rose to fame after the legal issues between Murphy and Marvel:

Marvel wanted the rights to the ABCs–they wanted to own them and pay me nothing.  I wasn't willing to do that, so I got a lawyer.  And we eventually came together and agreed to drop the subject if I simply removed them from my site and promised not to make any more sketchbooks.

So, according to the artist himself, only 200 were created, out of which the majority were given out to industry pros and:

At the last show that season, I sold the remaining 40 copies or so.

This means that there are between 40 and 200 copies out there, but they are not on eBay and have not been for a while. A popular character, an amazing artist and material that's not going to be reprinted in the foreseeable future. Who knows how much this could be worth?

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