The Legion of Substitute Heroes


Vol. 1 Exposition 2/12/2015

The Legion of Substitute Heroes


To speculate or to collect? To collect or to speculate? Or do we try and balance both? These questions did not debate themselves in our head a long time ago, in a time space far, far away.  We just watched or read . . . and took in the amazing abilities and fantastic feats, processing them through our synapses to form a belief that differed in each and every one of us, at the same time relating back to what we all saw in the first place. An image so marvelous we could not detect what was happening at the time. Striving for a taste of those worlds, cities, and homo-superiors we experience it again, sometimes just to escape. Then we ask if this is what another life can bring.
Comics have always been fun;  this has been echoed by many I’ve heard recently. That is the reason to collect. Collecting is what brought everybody here in the first place. We all have a collection or are intent on beginning one, whether it’s two books or two thousand or whether it’s for sale or not. We all have a favorite super hero, whether we want to admit or not. Wolverine is my favorite super-hero, spawned from an eagerness to watch X-Men the animated series on Fox every Saturday morning at nine o’clock am. I also collect X-Men, Uncanny-Men, X-Men volume two, beautiful covers and Manifest Destiny, among a few other select things. My collection consists of a diverse age range, but my favorite books are from the Bronze Age. Oh, and collecting is my genes – you should see some of the collections in my family. My son will probably collect too, wait, he already does! Here we go again.
We are right back at the same spot, discussing another aspect of the hobby, the one we hear referred to as “the other side.” There is not an endless supply of each issue. Edge of Spider-Verse #2 just went to a seventh printing. Did I hear an eighth? Each cover being different from the first appeases the readers, but it also attracts the collector and the occasional completist. Eventually, the retail market runs out and the book goes on the secondary market. Transactions are made, from one person to the next, until that fateful day when that issue hits the personal collection, and removes itself from the market. Tucked away between two issues, sealed up with some cardboard and plastic, the story will continue again. Either when somebody opens the shiny package to read the story and admire the art, or the package is exchanged for some more paper. The journey has just begun.
Join me next week for an in-depth speculation article and be on the lookout for artist spotlight and writer spotlight articles in the future. Welcome to the big show. 

Jeff . Nebo


I’ll throw out one bone . . .
MP #4 = 1st Cameo of Nicholette Gold
MP #5 = 1st Full Appearance and 1st Cover Appearance of Nicholette Gold

Nicholette Gold

1st Cameo of Nicholette Gold (AKA Nikki)

Nicholette Gold

1st Full Appearance of Nicholette Gold (AKA Nikki)

Above, we have the 1st Appearances of Nicholette Gold (AKA Nikki of the Guardians of the Galaxy). It is very possible Nikki will make a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 or 3 appearance (Yes there will most likely be a Guardians 3). They have also made her a part of the current Guardians 3000 team. We’ve already seen Yondu, and Starhawk is coming, so that leaves Charlie-27, Martinex, Vance Astro, and Nikki as the old school Guardians who have not appeared (Charlie-27, Martinex, Vance Astro, and Yondu were the original 4 Guardians of the Galaxy). I actually see Marvel incorporating all of these characters into the Guardians movies somehow, even if it be as supporting characters or cameos. If Nikki doesn’t make it to the big screen, it’s because they didn’t give her a cool super-hero name! I mean she has fire for hair (just don’t ask her if she dyes her hair). These 2 books will still be good to keep in the PC for the 1st appearance and cool covers. I mean how can you not love Karanada the giant space frog who devours entire galaxies and The Asylum (The planet of the absurd led by Big Budd)?!


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