Speculation Alert: Avengers Vol 1 #316

This is the book where Spider-man joins the Avengers. Granted he had tons of appearances in Avengers books, but this is where he joined the team. I know a lot of people are grabbing up Civil War #3, New Avengers #1, but this book is a dollar bin book right now and has historical relevance now with this news.

 http://marvel.wikia.com/Avengers_Vol_1_316Avengers #316

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  • David P

    I had one #316 already but missed the early news so I wasn’t able to add additional copies on the cheap. Looks like most everything has dried up online for those as well. I’ll look tomorrow when I hit the LCS. I did grab a few different covers for New Avengers #1 today just to be sure.

  • Jizzy Gillespie-Wade Winnard

    Thank god for my lcs!:) I was able to grab 3 of these in pretty good shape!

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