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With speculation in the UK being a different beast to what it is for our US counterparts I hope with this weekly article to highlight books that are blowing up over here and maybe are selling for more here.

This is generally due to a few factors, such as: smaller supply, a fraction of the comic shops and online retailers compared to US and, for older Marvel comics, too many of the much misunderstood pence variants.

I will also be spelling colour with a u!!!!

1. Star Wars Action figure Variants

With  issue 1 having the HUGE print run it did no one really saw much spec in this book. It quickly became apparent that the action figure variant had tripled in price by weekend after release. At this point these were still easily available on ebay.com, midtown and most other major comic book retailers in US for cover price. Now issue 2 has heated up straight away in both UK & US probably due to a couple of  factors:

  1. it will have much lower print run
  2. retailers had to purchase 150% more than Axis #9 to qualify for this variant (if their order was higher they could order unlimited copies)

I predict issue 3, Darth Vader #1 and Princess Leia #1 action figure variants will also have high demand.

The cover for issue 3 has not been released yet –PLEASE BE BOBA FETT!

Also there is a rumour (thanks to G+ user Manole Saviokalis for this) that there will be an exclusive variant (limited to 5000 copies) available to people who purchased the set of 5 covers—how this will be done (if this is definitely true) has not been confirmed


2. Spider Gwen #1 Variants

As with every big Marvel number 1 there seems to be numerous shop & con exclusive  variants, Spider Gwen being no different.

Now, the majority of these are US exclusives, so if you are lucky enough to be able to pick them up without incurring too big a postage charge these are great sellers and can get 3 to 4 times cover.

The ones to look out for are:

  • Conquest comics Adam Hughes Variant —Colour, sketch & hybrid
  • Heroes Con Jason Latour variant
  • Comic Pop Jenny Frison Variant
  • Tide Water Comic Con Whilst Portaccio variant
  • Hastings Christopher Hastings interlinking variant (pair this up with the Silk variant)
  • Midtown Comics J Scott Campbell Variant—Colour & sketch
  • A Spider Man 300 Homage variant THAT WE WON’T BE PROMOTING ON THIS SITE!!!

3. Star Wars 1 Mike Del Mundo EMP Museum Variant

This variant is only available through the EMP Museum in Seattle & features a fantastic cover by Mike Del Mundo.Now if you look in the right place you can grab these for $25 (£17 approx) and these are a solid flip for £40 to £50+Not sure on print run on this yet. Star Wars 1 EMP Musuem Variant

4. The Dying & the Dead #1

New book by Jonathan Hickman, in typical Hickman style reading the 1st issue left me wanting more (maybe as I don't 100% know what is going on and am definitely buying issue 2 hoping it will become more clear!!)

Now some of Hickman's previous stuff like Manhattan Project was great spec initially, getting caught up in the ‘Image Saga spec period', but further stuff that a lot of people bought into big like East of west went up a little but never really saw returns people where hoping for.

Now with this book I noticed ebay UK become very sparse very quickly and now this is currently sitting at 1.5-3x cover. Although still sitting at cover price in US.

If issue 2 carries on to get good reviews and the whole premise of the series becomes clearer I think this book has a lot of potential

The Dying & the Dead 1

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  • Smiller

    Nice job Bumblewick Cambersnatch! I don’t know the print run on the EMP Star Wars, but they are limited to 3 per customer. It suggests they are going to have a limited print number. Also, even in the U.S. I believe if you buy and sell 3 copies you can manage a small profit from the flips, though the time frame would probably have to be quick.

  • Avatar

    Great write up and fantastic to read an article from the UK perspective too!

    Those Star Wars variants have kept me hunting – totally missed #1 so toying (if you pardon the pun) with picking one up still however was able to nab a couple of #2’s – here’s the question – quick flip or hold onto it? 🙂

    As an owner of the Edge of Spider-Verse #2 variant I’m watching the Spider-Gwen #1 options too to monitor what’s out there. Given the buzz that issue caused you’d think #1 will be a popular pick up for most collectors and a rarer print could be a top option.

    Great article and keep up the good work!


  • Santos

    Sweet dude!

    *Posted via android device*

  • Ben Steiniger

    Maybe this is a dumb question, do the comics in the UK look exactly the same as the U.S. versions? If they are different (such as the price) do collectors there care if they have the UK or US version?

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