Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Land Variant (2014)

1383372_xl WRITER: Jason Latour
ARTIST: Greg Land
Raw copies are reaching close to $350 on eBay ahead of the Spider-Gwen #1 release later this month.

2 Batman #608 2nd Print (2002)

Batman_Vol_1_608_2nd_Print WRITER: Jeph Loeb
This book has gone nuts on eBay the past few weeks. Classic cover, shorter print run, and an important Hush storyline.

3 Batman Adventures #12 (1993)

WRITER: Kelley Puckett
ARTIST: Mike Parobeck
What else needs to be said, raw NM copies are hittings near $600 , 9.8's $1,500.


4 Saga #1 (2012)

WRITER: Brian K Vaughn
ARTIST: Fiona Staples
This book will battle Walking Dead #1 as the premier comic of whatever this era is called.


5 Amazing Spider-man #300 (1988)

WRITER: David Michelinie
ARTIST: Todd McFarlane
This book continues to go up in price. Raw NM books are hitting the $240-300 range on eBay with 20-30 bids. Venom is an iconic character. Too bad Marvel ruined him and is now a space robot in GotG.


6 Aquaman #1 Vol 1 (1963)

WRITER: Jack Miller
ARTIST: Nick Cardy
People finally realized this was grossly undervalued as a SA key. Mid grade copies of this books are getting huge amounts of bidders right now.


7 Batman #1 New 52 Sketch (2011)

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
This book was a $200 book a few months back, now its a $500 book raw. People are realizing now how rare the New 52 sketches are finally. Estimated at 800 in circulation.


8 Demon #1 (1972)

WRITER: Jack Kirby
ARTIST: Jack Kirby
JLD rumors continue to drive the secondary market on the characters alleged to be in the script. Jack Kirby, great character, this was undervalued for years to begin with.


9  Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #92 (2006)

WRITER: Greg Pak
ARTIST: Carlo Pagulayan
This books is impossible to find in the wild, and there very few copies on eBay right now. The storyline is brilliant and this will be a key for years to come, and depending on what they do with Hulk in the movie universe this could be mega key.


10 Star Wars Hot Topic Recalled Variant (2015)

WRITER: Jason Aaron
ARTIST: John Cassaday
Hit $400 last week during the hype, but still selling well in the $50-80 range after Hot Topic and Marvel decided not to worry about it. #dumb

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