Spec 101: What Can Bring Value To A Comic

  The purpose of this article is to try and create an easy way for those who are new to comic book investing to understand how the hobby works and how people can engage with it. (keep reading)


DEATH DEALER / GRIM 1 / BOYS 7 (Tyler Kirkham)   This coming weekend on Whatnot will be your chance to get all of these exclusives!! (keep reading)

TerrifiCon 2022 : Comic Heads Unite! (at Mohegan Sun Casino in CT)

TERRIFICON 2022 : July 29th 30th 31st 2022 at Mohegan Sun Expo Center TerrifiCon is BACK my friends!!  July TerrifiCon, a growing comic convention at the Mehegan Sun Casino in CT. (keep reading)

AnZ Comic’s Ebay Pulse 6/29 2022

Find us, ANZ Comics on Ebay Hey guys as always want to thank you guys for reading and supporting our small business. Sorry I've been slow, con season means I'm extra busy. (keep reading)

The Wednesday One 06/29/22

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 06/29/22 Mixed bad and mostly meh imo. I wouldn't rush to the store personally. (keep reading)

Cover Fire 6/29/2022

The Most Fire Cover From This Wednesday’s Releases 6/29/2022 In the same vein as my weekly Cover Tunes articles. (keep reading)

New Comics Releasing June 29th

Another week, another chance to support your Local Comic Shop. I have been holding back these past few weeks. Nothing really jumps out at me. There are a few new indie books I like, but I can wait. (keep reading)

Future Spec: Edge of Spiderverse again?

Welcome to another year and another Spider event. It seems like every other year we either get a Spider or Venom event with Marvel. (keep reading)

Clan Destine, Trigun, Buzz Lightyear and More!

      Welcome back everyone.  Thank you for stopping by to check out the latest TF. (keep reading)

Best Investment Copper Age Spider-Man Comics

Spider-Man is quite undisputedly the most popular comic character in history and remains highly collectible for comics. (keep reading)

Marvel & DC Movie Homage Covers | Cheap Comics | DBD 198

    Welcome back for this week’s edition of Dollar Bin Digging where I spotlight a few books to keep an eye out for to snag on the cheap. (keep reading)

New Comic Release Pre Order Marvel DC Image Boom 6/26 6/27/22

Josh Grav's Final Order Cutoff Comic Books w/ Joker's EMW   Welcome to the Friday FOC Show with East Meets West right here on comicbookinvest.com. (keep reading)

The Best Flash Keys To Own: Part 2

Welcome back to another installment of Gutters: Comic gab for life in between the panels.  I hope you enjoyed the first half of The Flash keys I wrote about, as promised, here’s part two! (keep reading)

TEAM-ing With Possibilities

Hi everybody and welcome to another LOCKS & LOCKSHOTS! (keep reading)

Pressable Defects Live : Whatnot Vs Ebay + Top 10 New Comics of the Week

The Defects are back for the best Comic Book Talk show around! Featuring our Top 10 NCBD Books for June 22nd 2022. Picking books based on the story, the cover or just some good ole' speculation!! (keep reading)

Indie Spotlight Series 143

  Welcome to this week's edition of the Indie Spotlight Series. Plenty of good books to look at this week, so without hesitation let's jump right in! (keep reading)

Monday Night Live w/ Pressable Defects + NCBD Show

The Defects are back for the best Comic Book Talk show around! Featuring our Top 10 NCBD Books for June 15th, 2022. Picking books based on the story, the cover or just some good ole' speculation!! (keep reading)

The Tin Foil Spec – July 2022

      Guess who’s back. Back again. The Tin Hat's back. Back again…That’s right, Tin Hatters! Do not adjust your zombie TV sets! The Tin Hat is back! (keep reading)

BOOM Studios WWE VARIANTS Set Print Runs

WWF Wrestling Retailer Incentive Ratios Hulk Hogan Undertaker   The 1980's and 1990's were a really amazing time to be a fan of wrestling and the WWF (now WWE). (keep reading)

CONNECTING THE DOTS: Young Princess Leia

There are two types of speculators: those who lead and those who follow. (keep reading)

Cover Tunes 204: Lucky 13 – Mike’s All-Time Faves

  COVER TUNES My 2-Cents on Unsung Covers ISSUE 204: Lucky 13 - MIKE'S ALL TIME FAVES Hello again, fine folks. Welcome back to yet another Cover Tunes. (keep reading)

Mega Man, Ghost Rider, Sozomaika, and More Comics to Hunt | Hidden Gems Ep11

      Welcome to a new column that will spotlight some comics that might be found underpriced or tucked away for cheap in back issue bins. (keep reading)

3MIB COMIC SWAP 2022 Saturday May 14th in CT for MA NJ NY Area Fans

3 MEN IN A BASEMENT:  2022 Comicon Connecticut Comic Book Event show books for sale May 14th the 3 Men in a Basement crew will be hosting an awesome "Comic Swap" (comic show for comic fans in ... (keep reading)

Whatnot Star Wars Art for Charity Auction Raises over $2K for St Jude Children’s Hospital

For those who missed it, on May 4th we ran an art auction with 100% of the hammer going to St Jude Children's Hospital. (keep reading)


First Appearances, Timeline, Variant Guide Darth List & More   With the jaw dropping amount of Star Wars comic info here on CBSI, we knew it was time to dedicate a page to helping folks ... (keep reading)

Sleeper Key Comics to BUY NOW w/ Joey & Wes (Future Specs)

Welcome to Sleeper Keys right here on CBSI with Joey & Wes! Wondering what the next generation of speculators are keeping an eye on? (keep reading)

TEAM NERD HERD >> A channel you didn’t know you NEEDED in your life

My friends from the Team Nerd Herd have officially moved to a new channel and are going to continue rocking the awesome style that has comic fans "nerding out" over the awesome content. (keep reading)

NEW RECORD PRICE Ultimate Fallout #4 Djurdjevic Variant CGC 9.8 Sold on Whatnot

This weekend, Frankie's Comics ran one of the coolest auctions on the Whatnot app. A slabbed CGC 9.8 Djurdjevic Variant and started it at just $1!! (keep reading)

Guardians of the Galaxy: 2 Read or Not

We are back again doing a run-through of the GOTG series. We will drop a question in the Facebook group to get opinions on your favorite stories. Let us know what you think in the comments too. (keep reading)


Originally posted in May 2020, re posted to help folks prepare for Nova hitting the MCU   There are two types of speculators: those who lead and those who follow. (keep reading)

MODERN AGE Marvel Comics 1999 Top 10 key issues by Terry Hoknes

MODERN AGE Marvel Comics 1999 Top 10 key issues by Terry Hoknes This week we take a look at the Top 10 most valuable, highly collected and historically important Marvel Comics of the year 1999. (keep reading)

First Meetings: When Should We Care?

One of the big emerging categories in comic book speculation and investment is characters meeting for the first time. (keep reading)

Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources   So the purpose of this article is to provide speculators, both new and old, with a list of different resources that exist out there so they can have all the tools ... (keep reading)

Team Nerd Herd’s MY FAVORITE : Comic Covers of 2021

Welcome back to another collaboration with our friends from the Team Herd Herd channel. (keep reading)

Top 10 Spiderman Keys (Post 1980) w/ Very Gary Comics

Welcome back to another awesome Hot 10 Theme List with Very Gary Comics. (keep reading)

FOREIGN COMIC WEEKEND on Whatnot & Several Exclusive Variant Drops

I am excited to announce the next amazing Whatnot Fandom Weekend will be FOREIGN COMICS!! (keep reading)

1st Appearance Lists : Star Wars, SIKTC, Spawn, TMNT, GI Joe, MMPR, Spider-Man & more!!

I realize this gets buried sometimes and folks are not even aware of the 1st appearance lists we have here on comicbookinvest.com so I am posting again as a reference. (keep reading)

Stray Dogs Dog Days 2 Double Saturday Drop from Hive-Comics.com

Our friends at HIVE COMICS are back with another outstanding giveaway for the CBSI    community and another awesome new release!! TWO actually! (keep reading)

New Master of Horror: John Lees

If you have been reading or watching my YouTube channel and articles you know I have been given the opportunity to talk with some of AWA studio's great writers and artists over the past year. (keep reading)

Casting Specualtion: Did We Just See Tigra in Hawkeye?

Hidden in the 1st episodes is a possible easter egg, where we might have the 1st sighting of Greer Grant Nelson also known as Cat and later on mutates into Tigra. (keep reading)

Under the Radar : Asajj & Le Fay

It's been a spell since I dropped one of these spots, but I'm back and bringing a couple low flyers that could be monsters along with me. (keep reading)

Finding the Whatnot “Whales”

  The question was posed recently, "what are the factors to successfully sell higher value comics on Whatnot"? (keep reading)

Star Wars Foreign Comics to be aware of | CBSI Star Wars Comic Show 16

Star Wars Foreign Comics to be aware of | CBSI Star Wars Comic Show 16   Welcome back to another Star Wars Comic Show here on comicbookinvest.com. (keep reading)


Winners announced below, thanks to everyone who got in on this awesome giveaway. Make sure you are following Mellow_Fellow and get in on a bunch of free giveaways for some great comics. (keep reading)

STAR WARS 1st APPEARANCE LIST UPDATED >> Over 600 Characters / 344 Comics

The CBSI Star Wars Comics 1st Appearance List has been updated with a huge thanks to the comic community!! (keep reading)

Weekly Whatnot : GIVEAWAY>> CBE Star Wars High Republic #3, HR 4, Aphra 10 Variant sets

At this point most folks have heard about the Whatnot app and books they have been buying for a deal or books they watched go for really strong prices in auction. (keep reading)

Variants, CHUD, Cheap Comic Pick Ups, & More | DBD Finds 20

      Welcome back to this new sub-series Dollar Bin Digging Finds, where I show off some cheap books that I have actually picked up recently out of the cheap bins. (keep reading)

World War II P.O.W. Horror with AWA Studio’s OUT

P.O.W. Escape>Horror>Vampire>Comic>Writer Interview I am going to try and do this any chance I can get. I will highlight some recent AWA Studios books. (keep reading)


Issue 2 3 4 5 exclusive variant Mad Cave Miguel Zapata cover   And we are back, the first Nottingham exclusive we did was such a success(just like the series! (keep reading)

Classic Cover of the Week : Golden Age Sub Mariner

GOLDEN AGE ORIGINAL ART, MARVEL COMICS PAINTING BILL EVERETT SUB MARINER!!  All on this week's   Welcome back to another installment of the Classic Cover of the Week! (keep reading)


Last Flight out is a new creator owned comic series by Marc Guggenheim. Not familiar with Marc? (keep reading)

Star Wars Comics : First Appearance Spotlight ASAJJ VENTRESS Celeste Morne & more!

Welcome to the Star Wars Comics First Appearance Spotlight. Each week Peter and myself will cover a pair of comics and the first appearances housed within. (keep reading)

Oblivion Song First appearance List

OBLIVION SONG - Invincible- Robert Kirkman - Image/Skybound Comics I have been doing a deep dive into many image series and I am realizing just how awesome some of these stories can be. (keep reading)

G.I. JOE FIRST APPEARANCE SPOTLIGHT 7/14/21 : A pair of Marvels

Welcome back to another GI Joe 1st Appearance Spotlight here on comicbookinvest. (keep reading)

The Top 10 HOTTEST Spawn Comics : CBSI Hot List

Very Gary is off for the week(and we want to say congrats and wish him and the family well!). No video, but please check out the Spawn Hot 10 below. (keep reading)

COLD KEYS : Comics to buy before they go up w/ the Pressable Defects

  It is hot as hell in NY right now, so what better time to drop another episode of Cold Keys. This one is straight and to the point. (keep reading)

CBSI Hot 10 Show w/ Tales From The Flipside

CBSI HOT 10 COMICS OF THE WEEK SHOW PODCAST Market Report Every Friday night on the CBSI Tales From The Flipside channel, the creator of the CBSI Hot 10 List, Ben Stein (the writer of the list) ... (keep reading)

Variant Watch: 5/21/21

Welcome to our weekly Variant Article, in partnership with CBSI and COVRPRICE.COM. Each week we’ll share notable variants that are heating up in the aftermarket with a focus on trend data. (keep reading)

Weekly Heat Check Video Round Up 5/16/21

Each week, we do a series of short videos featured on a couple of channels. These are new unique offerings for the site. They are meant to be short digestible videos around a theme. (keep reading)


I want to thank everyone who submitted an article this round. I had a lot of fun reading them and I know others did as well. (keep reading)

2021 Writer Wars “Love & Arbitrage”

Welcome to another Writer Wars entry from CBSI's 2021 Spring Writer Wars. Each day I will post a new article in this category submitted by one of the many talented writers that entered the contest. (keep reading)

Time to Buy!

CBSI! How goes life? It's been a minute or two, but I've returned to give some sage-like advice that many of you will read, most will enjoy, but only few will act and reap the ROI. (keep reading)

Indie Spotlight Show : New Comic Book Day 5/5/21

Welcome back to another CBSI Indie Spotlight Show presented by our friends Thoro and the Keep It Thoro Comics channel. Want more perspective on the Indie Spotlight Series by Andy Tomberlin? (keep reading)

Darth Andeddu First Appearance and Ancient Sith

  Welcome back to another Star Wars Heat Check here on comicbookinvest.com. (keep reading)

Doctor Strange & The Mandarin First Appearances

Silver Bronze Age Key Comic Book Price Check   Welcome back to another Vintage Heat Check right here on comicbookinvest. (keep reading)

Amazing Spider-Man #4 Ramos & He-Man MOTU 1:25 Wilkins Variant

Comic Ratio Incentive Cover Market Report   Welcome back to another Variant Heat Check here on comicbookinvest.com. (keep reading)

Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Alien, Carnage, and Superman)

It sounds like the start to a joke Alien, Superman and Carnage walk into a bar. This week we got to interview Phillip Kennedy Johnson and man were we blown away. (keep reading)

Modern Variant Investing : 3 Spiders Saga

RRP Ultimate Fall-Out 4 Edge Of Spider-Verse 2 Amazing Spider-Man #667   Welcome back to another CBSI Comic Poll, let's discuss some comics!    LOOKING FOR MORE? (keep reading)

Sexy Covers of Carla Cohen with Interview

Who is Carla Cohen? I was curious who was this new artist whose style rivaled many of the great painted cover artists that Dynamite used on Vampirella. (keep reading)

First You May Have Missed: Frenzy / Joanna Cargill

Hello everyone, it's been awhile so allow me to reintroduce myself. (keep reading)

Just another Sh*tShow 2 Review

This week I got to preview the new issue of Sh*tshow from Scout comics. (keep reading)

The Walker Report – March 1, 2021

  Welcome back to this week's Walker Report. Welcome to March! Reveal time! What book published an image of Blue Marvel prior to the #1 Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel series? (keep reading)

Barricade, CBE, Defects & Thoro with High Republic #3 Exclusive giveaways

High Republic #3 Variant Exclusive Cover Star Wars Comics WOW that CBE Variant went nuts this weekend huh? (keep reading)

The Best Pick Ups of 2020 w/ Matt, Z, Josh & Robert

Foreign Comic collector collecting podcast    On this Episode of Global Comic Safari Matt and Z are joined by Josh & Robert to discuss their favorite pick ups from 2020!! (keep reading)

Moon Girl and Devil dinosaur Spec

As a reminder, we at CBSI have been high on Moon Girl for a pretty long time and with the first animated show images being released. (keep reading)

Weekend Update With Nico 1/30/21

This is the Comic Book Strategic Investment Weekend Update brought to you by comicbookinvest.com.  If you are a first time visitor to our site, we are glad you are here. (keep reading)

Collecting Christmas Comic Book Covers

Golden Age collector Xmas Batman Wonder woman Vintage Collection   This was originally going to be a show but plans shifted, I still wanted to do something with my collection so putting it ... (keep reading)

Crazy for Cover Swipes

Happy Hanukkah everybody!  Even if you don’t celebrate it!  Since I do I am giving you this article with some more Hip Hop variants I haven’t covered. (keep reading)

Advertisements are they the first?

There has been a huge debate lately or should I say for many many months now on the rising prices of pre-hero appearances and can we justify them as truly “ First time” in comics.. (keep reading)

Top 10 Vintage Comics : FALL 2020

Top Golden Age Silver Bronze Comic Book List Covers Welcome to another awesome Vintage Voyage. (keep reading)

Heavy by Max Bemis

Heavy Bill may be dead, but he's got a job to do.Welcome to the Big Wait, where folks who don't quite make the cut go to work off their debt. Everyone in the Wait's got a job. (keep reading)

Ghost Hunting : 12/10/2020

A year and a half ago I said, 'Sheesh, another 1 year hiatus between articles…I’m going to have to stop doing that.'  I did it again, and an even longer timespan between articles. (keep reading)

Star Wars: Revan’s First Appearance

John Jackson Miller writer of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and creator of Comichron joins us to share his wealth of information. (keep reading)

THE LAST TO KNOW: Doctor Aphra #40 Brings Mandalorian Locale into Canon

Season 2 of the Mandalorian has released a bevy of opportunities upon the speculative community. (keep reading)

Val Verde Incident # 18: Happy 30th Birthday Predator 2!!

Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. By the time you are reading this, Predator 2 will have celebrated 30 years since its theatrical release. (keep reading)

Val Verde Incident # 16 – Aliens: Kidnapped

Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. It’s that time again for another installment of all things Aliens and Predator. (keep reading)

Hot 50 Killer Vintage Horror Comic Book Covers

Top 50 Pre-Code Horror 1940s 1950s Halloween Special Golden Age   Welcome to CBSI's Hot 50 Horror Comics 2020. (keep reading)

Mandalorian Trailer, Red X, Tales From The Flipside EPISODE #141

Another episode of CBSI Presents Tales From The Flipside is in the books. In this episode the guys discuss their pick ups, the state of comics and of course the always popular Market Report. (keep reading)


top character list Marvel Dark Horse Variant 1st Appearance   Welcome to the CBSI Hot 100 : STAR WARS COMICS LIST   This is my humble attempt to reflect the market as I see it in ... (keep reading)

Phantom Starkiller CGC SS MEGA EVENT with TOSS Comics

CGC Signature Series Scout Comics Exclusive Variants The One Stop Shop will be hosting a release signing for Phantom Starkiller! (keep reading)

The DAY After Wednesday 10/1/2020

  Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? (keep reading)

Usual Suspects 63

  The Usual Suspects #63 By Peter Renna   Welcome back for another edition of The Usual Suspects. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. (keep reading)

Venom later printings

Venom 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Print Comics 2018 Cates Run Knull   With later printings being so hot I thought it would be fun to lay all of them out in one spot. (keep reading)


  Welcome back to another Top Variant Tuesdays here on CBSI. This week we have the new and white hot Knull and his first cover appearance vs the first cover appearance of Anti Venom. (keep reading)

Creator Spotlight – Tony Sklepic

TONY SKLEPIC   I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with new kid on the block, the extremely talented Tony Sklepic, this week. (keep reading)

Val Verde Incident Vol 1

Dark Horse Marvel Aliens Comic Book List 1st Appearance   1st panel from Aliens #1 May 1988 Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. Damn it feels good to say that again! (keep reading)

Hot 25 Marvel Hip Hop Homages

MARVEL HIP HOP VARIANT HOMAGE COVER SWIPE TOP 25 HOT COMICS   25: CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS Homage to: GZA: Liquid Swords     24: THANOS Homage to: Czarface ... (keep reading)


Comic Book Homage Covers comicbook cover swipes "Jack Kirby would dip into his reference morgue every so often. (keep reading)


  Hello, agents. I hope this article finds you well. This week was good to my, as I found a couple of nice books. (keep reading)

Comics will save your life (at least your sanity)

I had been whining about having way too many comics for a while now, and then a tiny invisible piece of crap puts everything into perspective ... (keep reading)

Collector Spotlight – John Nguyen (Returns!)

  Hi everyone, I’m delighted to welcome back my good friend John to speak with us today! (keep reading)

2020 C2E2 Dealer Summary

  As a dealer, my aim is to give you all unbiased raw data and observations for each show I attend as a dealer. C2E2 took place Feb 28th to March 1st in Chicago, Illinois. (keep reading)

Stray Dogs Dog Days 2 Double Saturday Drop from Hive-Comics.com

Our friends at HIVE COMICS are back with another outstanding giveaway for the CBSI    community and another awesome new release!! TWO actually! (keep reading)


As of yesterday, there are 1,000 ASM 300 9.8s on the cgc census!!    That's a huge milestone and quite impressive when you see the prices realized for copies is now a consistent 2,000.00. (keep reading)

January 2009

Welcome back for another edition of Wizard Rewind. I realize it’s been a little while and this is a couple weeks late. (keep reading)

Savage She-Hulk TV Speculation

  Savage She-Hulk #1 was selling well a couple weekend ago after the news broke out of the D23 event. It’s also been rumored... (keep reading)

The Future of the MCU

I think we can all agree at this point the king of comic book speculation is the MCU.  As a huge Spidey fan I was absolutely devastated to hear that he might be leaving. (keep reading)

Aristocrats of War #28

  Wolverine and War Part 1 Wolverine is a perennial favorite character among collectors, so why should that be any different for War Collectors. (keep reading)

Comic Kicks 2

Greetings! I’m glad you could make it. My name is Tony, and we are all here because we care about you. No, don’t leave! Yes, this IS an intervention. (keep reading)

Q2 2019

  Q2 2019   Greetings from the surf and turf of Del Mar fellow CBSI members. It’s amazing, we are already ½ of the way home thru 2019! (keep reading)


1 Here's Negan #NN WRITER: Robert Kirkman ARTIST: Charlie Adlard Ouch!! This one hurts.  Back in 2017, there were many 9.8 sales in the $500 range. (keep reading)

Week 55

  This week instead of Batwoman, because I'm sure you're all sick to death of that by now, I thought I'd reward folks with a genuine fan favorite character... Power Girl! (keep reading)

ISSUE #2 – Who Are You?


Sadjunk’s Bin Dive

It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these comics on a budget columns. That’s on me. (keep reading)

Covers from the Unknown – Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (2008 Series) – 1:15 Skottie Young Variant

It's been a while, but thanks for checking back to Covers from the Unknown!  Today, I jump right into a Thanos, and Guardians of the Galaxy variant you may be unaware of! (keep reading)

Fraser Campbell

You thought I had forgotten about this section, right? It's just a matter of time, but when there's a chance to do it, I will!!! This week (year? (keep reading)


  1 Adam Hughes Current: Vampirella, Batgirl & The Birds of Prey Upcoming: Red Sonja/Tarzan, The Magic Order Hot Cover: Dirty Pair: Run From the Future ... (keep reading)

Black Panther (Vol.4) #35

You’d be surprised to know how many relevant issues and/or covers (even though known by many people) tend to stay hidden in the longboxes and can be had for next to nothing. (keep reading)

Doomsday Clock: Revisiting the Charlton Universe

I have to admit it, I just love when one of you sends out an article out of the blue and this is no exception. Thanks to matthewc72 for this bit of all-new, yet classic, spec info! (keep reading)

COMICO RIDICULOSO – Batman’s Detective Comics #475

How the hell can a comic be overrated and underrated at the same time? Let me try to get there. Without opening the comic. Don’t hate me. (keep reading)

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