The Day After Wednesday for 8/17/17

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! (keep reading)

The Unpressable Defects 67

In this issue ... Metal and much more!!! Language warning! Contains strong language ... (keep reading)

Market Report – August 2017 Heritage Signature Auction (Part 1)

Welcome back all, today let’s look at some results from HA’s Signature Auction on 10-12 August 2017! (keep reading)

Web of Spider-Man #8 – July 2010 – 1:15 Brian Stelfreeze Variant

Happy Friday guys and gals! Welcome back to another episode of Covers from the Unknown! (keep reading)

The Wednesday One

Fun week, with plenty coming out to appease both readers and variant collectors. (keep reading)

Variant Heat Check for 8/15/17

Spawn #227 Sketch Variant HEAT CHECK STATUS: This book has only sold a handful of times in the past few months, but when it does come to market it fetches big bucks. (keep reading)

Of Khan, Ravagers, Secret Invasion & much more!

Due to working on a pretty in depth article with some well know G+ comic folk I’ve had little time to put together much else in the last week. (keep reading)


Boston Comic Con-test With BCC coming up this weekend, Fan Expo have given us the chance to give away 2 sets of their Con variants: [gallery type="rectangular" ids="28161,28162,28160"] You can ... (keep reading)

Weekly Picks for Comic Books Aug 9, 2017

Another slow week in comics, yet there are still some gems worth picking up! Watch as I provide my suggestions on which books I think are worth your hard earned cash this coming Wednesday! (keep reading)

Tales from the Flipside 15

This week the guys talk Defcon and Black Hat Hacking conference, CBSI charity razz, the wild success of Fandom Fest 2017, and Guardians 3 ... Language warning! Contains strong language ... (keep reading)

CBSI Swap Meet Up! Northern Virginia

CBSI Comic Swap Meet Up will be hosted by Comics and Games in Gainesville Virginia on August 19th from 11am till 3pm. Bring a short box to swap and trade books! (keep reading)

American Gods Season 1

While not originally a comic book, American Gods is now being adapted by Dark Horse Comics. (keep reading)

First Ad, First Cameo, First Full… why is this so hard?

I've been fairly vocal about my feelings on this topic, but sadly it seems people have misconstrued what I'm really saying about it. So let me try and articulate it better. (keep reading)

Boston Comic Con 2017

The guys at Fan Expo are back at it again, bringing us their official variants for the Boston Comic Con (August 11-13). (keep reading)

The Week After San Diego Comic Con 2017 for 7/31/2017

It’s one week after SDCC!  Want to know which exclusive comic books from this year’s San Diego Comic Con are heating up and which ones are cooling? (keep reading)

Joshua Middleton Cover Checklist

Comics is a crazy medium and we, comic readers, are the craziest of them all. (keep reading)

Covering Marvel Evil

Can you believe it? Even the City Supreme wasn't given early access to view the Avengers Infinity War trailer that was dropped at the D23 Expo! (keep reading)

September 2017 – Independents

In this video I provide my picks for comic books you should pre-order right NOW in the month of July that are releasing in September. These are books from Boom! (keep reading)

Barbara Gordon vs Cassandra Cain

I'm sure you've read by now "Batgirl" is getting her own film... I mean, how could you not. The big questions at this point is which of the many version of Batgirl we'll see on the big screen. (keep reading)

Metropoli Comic Con (Gijon, Spain) Celebrates Spider-Man

Metropoli Comic Con took place last weekend in Gijon (Spain). As most of this type of events, the organizers of this con have been creating their own exclusives for the last three years. (keep reading)

San Diego 2017: The Sketchbooks

San Diego is coming and it's not only about exclusives, there's also the sketchbooks that you will be able to find at the Artist Alley. (keep reading)


News broke yesterday that Venom’s ex-wife Ann Weying will be appearing in Sony’s Venom film. For fans that don’t know Anne became She-Venom in the Pages of Venom: Sinner takes all #2. (keep reading)

Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards aka The Ringo Awards

Guys, please go and vote at http://ringoawards.polldaddy. (keep reading)

Heroes Con 17: Southern Bastards & Early Deadpool/Harley Quinn Panels

Last weekend I attended HeroesCon 2017 in Charlotte NC. Being a primarily Indy driven, comics based show, it's a speculator's dream. I admit I am not a huge panel guy. (keep reading)

HeroesCon 2017: Lee Weeks on Superboy’s First App

Ever since the events that spawned DC's rebirth, one of the most popular new additions to DC's roster is Jonathan Kent. (keep reading)

Donny Cates @ HeroesCon 2017

This year marked the 35th Anniversary of HeroesCon in Charlotte North Carolina. This is your favorite creator's favorite convention. (keep reading)

The problem with Variants

In this section we run opinion pieces and hopefully spark debate. (keep reading)


Another week another set of hip hop covers! (keep reading)


1 Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #5 Joe Quesada 1:250 Sketch Variant WRITER: Dan Slott ARTIST: Adam Kubert Forgot about this one? (keep reading)

Sadjunk went crazy! Look at all these comic books!

Short and sweet folks. For anyone who's confused about the motives of my column: I collect books based on what I like. And what I share here is based on my picks and that's it. (keep reading)

Invincible Lowest Print Run Top 5

While people are trying to find a copy of Invincible #1 (and seeing how Topher already gave us an initial take on what else Invincible to get), here are some other alternatives based on numbers ... (keep reading)

Classic Cover of the Week 4/10/2017

New Week, New Covers!!   AIR FIGHTERS #6 Snagged a copy of this bad boy this weekend.  I have never seen it before and the level of hate/WWII propaganda is just fantastic. (keep reading)

A look at Locke & Key’s Numbers …

I was thinking about doing Deadpool today, but curiosity had me looking up some indies and I was really surprised at what I found. (keep reading)

Solar Flare by James Haick & Branko Jovanovic

We live in the age of ever-changing technology. (keep reading)


In the past, my posts have focused on the big two; well, I want to buck that trend and go Indie on you. No, not Image, I’m talking super Indie, Arcana and the title Ant in particular. (keep reading)

Newer Price Variants

Newsstand Price Variants from the 90's and 2000's do exist. These books are much rarer than their direct market counterparts. (keep reading)

Bizarro’s One for 1/18/17

Bizarro am not back to end new year. So few cover Bizarro love so am telling people not to buy this week. (keep reading)

Dave Johnson

Here's our first guest writer on Creator Spotlight and it's none other than accustomfigures who takes a step forward and tells us about Rev. (keep reading)

Christmas / Holiday Themed Comics

As promised, canadiancomicguy takes us on a journey through his Christmas comic collection ... and just in time to get all of us in the holidays spirit! Thanks CCG and Happy Holidays everyone!!! (keep reading)

Superman Adventures #66

Critics and fans laude DC for their animated movies and TV shows. When successful properties cross back over into comics, investors and collectors notice (i.e. Batman Adventures #12). (keep reading)

Lee Bermejo Variant Covers

Lee Bermejo has been an active comic book artist since the late 90s. Bermejo’s style immediately made an impact on the industry which has led to his continued and increasing workload in 2016. (keep reading)

Flash Track – Justice League Movie Series

Justice League Movie Series Part 3 Flash Track 1st Appearance - Flash Comics #1 1st Silver Age Appearance - Showcase #4 Joined Justice League - Brave and the Bold #28 [gallery ... (keep reading)


So after the PCH list, I figured I would try a shorter Crime list, then maybe others depending the success. I went with 30 as I do not know nearly enough to do a top 50. (keep reading)

Selling at a Con

With the addition of the CBSI Local G+ Community, I thought that this article would be prudent to write for anyone else selling books. (keep reading)

Hughes, JSC, Jim Lee, Dell’Otto, Molina … and Doritos?

Here is another round of HTF books! Uncharted #1 Adam Hughes 1:10 Variant Appx. Print Run: 617 Appx. (keep reading)

COMICO RIDICULOSO – Batman’s Detective Comics #475

How the hell can a comic be overrated and underrated at the same time? Let me try to get there. Without opening the comic. Don’t hate me. (keep reading)

Batman Adventures #12 Comic Con Box

Hello, and welcome back to another One Year later! This week we take a look at a monthly subscription service that offered a reprint of Harley Quinn's very first appearance, Batman Adventures #12. (keep reading)

How to Properly Pack a Comic for Shipping

This week, Mr Brian Wood talks to us about his technique to pack comics. Thanks Brian!!! (keep reading)


We will be looking at what has happened to the market in the week following the announcement of the #1 book. (keep reading)

Monica Ain’t Sorry

Sometimes you’re such a world-owning sassy babe that people can’t help but bite your style. Multiple times, even right down to your name. Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? (keep reading)

Baltimore Comic Con 2016   This Labor Day weekend a large contingent of CBSI members will be converging in Maryland for the 2016 Baltimore Comic Con. (keep reading)

Katana’s Tip of the Sword

Time for another guest-writer, this time it's Tim S with some info nobody's talking about but is really interesting ... Thanks Tim!!! (keep reading)

Hot Fiyah Spec: Marvel Champions

There has been a huge resurgence in Marvel speculation the past few weeks thanks to movie rumors and a few new series being announced for the Fall. (keep reading)

Time To Hunt: Walking Dead #156 The Death Of……

Draw your own conclusions on what this means and what kind of bearing it will have on the book's popularity or speculation value. (keep reading)


One of the most frequent questions by all collectors in this hobby is “What’s the next comic book to shoot up in value? (keep reading)

Kristen Gudsnuk’s Top 5 Covers

Off the top of my head, I really love the cover to Uncanny X-Men 168: I actually met the inker of this cover, Bob Wiacek, at a convention this year and freaked out at him because I love this run ... (keep reading)

Preaching to the choir: A Review of the Preacher Pilot

Friday night at Wondercon in Downtown Los Angeles I got a chance to slide in to see the Preacher pilot with two good friends. (keep reading)

Meat on the Bone: J.Scott Campbell Edition

J. Scott Campbell and his variant covers are the closest things to gold right now in the comic industry. Nobody commands the prices that his variants are receiving right now. (keep reading)