Subject 04: Cassandra Cain AKA 4th Batgirl

Batgirl_NotCassandra_crop It's time to share a character near and dear to me: Cassandra Cain…just warning the Barbara Gordon and Stephanie Brown fans up front, I’m biased. (keep reading)

The 5th week One

UNCINH2015011-DC31-254e2 You've heard this song before: 5th weeks of a month are not what they used to. What this amounts to, this week, is a lot of Nth printings, and I do mean A LOT. (keep reading)

CBCS vs CGC Gap Analysis

Walking-Dead-1-CGC-9.8-Black-Label-Front-Cover Data Provided by: Scott Robertson There has been an ongoing controversy at CGC for the last 5 weeks. (keep reading)

Variant Heat Check for 6/28/16

captain-marvel-14-variant1 Captain Marvel #14 1:30 Conner Variant HEAT CHECK STATUS: The regular cover is pushing $30, so it’s surprising to see the variant fetch such a hefty premium. (keep reading)

Time to give back and maybe score a great book! (Updated with more prizes!)

9f38d955-3bed-4109-9dab-590a73aafc5f As you guys know, we try to give back as much as possible because it's only fair. In this case, it's to help out Steve Borock (head of CBCS), who's going through a tragic event. (keep reading)

Uncanny Inhumans #11

spoiler_alert_300_w2[1]     By now a good majority of our readership is aware that this week Uncanny Inhumans #11 is to introduce a new character. That character is named Mosaic a.k.a. (keep reading)

Classic Cover of the Week 6/27/16

Weird Comics #2 New Week, New Covers!!   THE HAUNT OF FEAR #15 It's been far too long since I have shown off an EC cover.  HOF 15 features a classic Craig picture that is both simple and creepy. (keep reading)

Krypton, Flash, Artemis, Kamen Rider & more!

Man_of_Steel_1B The Flash ( 2010 ) 1:100 Variant First Flashpoint, first Flashpoint Batman I have to admit, I have a soft spot for The CW’s Flash TV show. (keep reading)

Justice League #1

1559770_xl   Justice League is the second title of the Rebirth initiative that comes with a store variant program. (keep reading)

Dukes of Hazzard yanked off tv, all problems solved……right???

Southern_Bastards_10_variant Welcome to another One Year Later where the Watcher takes a look at books being speculated on 52 weeks ago and gives his verdict on how they performed. (keep reading)

Marvel’s Hip-Hop Variants (part 8)

Avengers_Standoff_Welcome_to_Pleasant_Hill_Vol_1_1_Hip-Hop_Variant I’m going back to the hip hop covers because more have been released since my last article. Hopefully I don’t repeat any that I showed before. (keep reading)

Fallen Son: Death of Captain America #4 Michael Turner Variant

Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America #4 Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown! Simple question and answer....right now, what is the hottest comic out there? (keep reading)

The Day After Wednesday for 6/23/16

Harley Quinn #29 Amanda Conner Variant Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! (keep reading)

Unpressable Defects #7

Justice League #51 Error Cover CBCS vs CGC, Justice League #51, new comics get reviewed and spoiled, movie and TV news in depth, toy news from SDCC, everyone picks their two most wanted grail books and their favorite book in ... (keep reading)

It Was Me and A Gun And A Machine

unleash-4-of-4-1 So this story I’m going to tell you about this week has a massive trigger warning on it. Like supermassive, and some parts were honestly hard to read for me personally. (keep reading)

Artgerm Cover Collection: Mission Accomplished!!!

1 Like most collectors, I shrug off ‘goals’ and just buy and sell whatever is on my mind at the time. About a year ago, though, I decided I wanted to start and finish a ‘goal’. (keep reading)

Indie Watch: Life, Death & Sorcery #1

Life, Death and Sorcery #1 Life, Death & Sorcery #1 By Danny Zabbal Published By Chapterhouse Comics I am always on the lookout for the next great indie book. For me, there is nothing better. (keep reading)

Preaching to the Choir: TV & Comics Through 4 Episodes

cassidy For a couple of years you have seen my Preacher posts, so I thought I would give my brief thoughts on what has been going on so far, and let everyone know a little about the comic tie-ins for the ... (keep reading)

Silver vs Modern

Black Widow #1 J. Scott Campbel 1:100 Variant You never want to start a conversation with, ‘I hope this doesn’t offend you’, so I won’t say that. I will say that what is about to follow WILL offend someone, and I’m ok with that. (keep reading)

ComicPalooza 2016

ComicPalooza It’s summer in Houston, Texas and that means it’s time for ComicPalooza! ComicPalooza is one of the biggest comic cons in Texas. (keep reading)

Michael Turner

Justice_League_of_America_v.2_0 The old gawds and new! Let's keep it real: I got into comics because of the art, plain and simple. (keep reading)

August ’16

STL014008 Wouldn’t it be great to have the power of knowing what comics are coming out ahead of time and being able to preorder your favourites without fear of your LCS selling out before you show up? (keep reading)

DC Steampunk Variants

Batwoman #28 Steampunk Variant February 2014 saw DC Comics unveil another interesting ratio variant concept in the form of the DC steampunk covers. (keep reading)


1st App Alana, Marko, The Will, and The Lying Cat One of the most frequent questions by all collectors in this hobby is “What’s the next comic book to shoot up in value? (keep reading)

Breaking News: TMNT #59 The Death of…………..

TMNT-59_Cover-RI   I was at work and saw that BC posted this a few minutes before me, but here are the details and the events that happen within the pages. I won't veil the "alleged death". (keep reading)

Outcast #1 (2014) Image Comics

outcast_1 As a reminder for new readers, this article focuses on the #1 book of the Hot 10 on www.comicbookinvest. (keep reading)

Black Widow, Alex Maleev, Artgerm & Juan Doe

Punisher #3 Alex Maleev 1:50 Variant Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! Keep it coming (negative is ok too!). Black Widow (Vol. 6) #3 J.G. Jones 1:50 Variant Print Run: Appx. 562 I like Jones for the most part. (keep reading)

Hot Fiyah Spec : Superman Rebirth #1 Nite Owl ?!?!

hawk This was pulled from a G+ post tonight from CBSI by member Mark Hendrie. He's been on fire recently and this might be his best find yet. Awesome job brother. (keep reading)

Grader’s Notes: High Grade Comic Books

High Grade Book In this part two of four in the Grader's Notes Article Series, we will explore High Grade Comic books and the grader's notes from CBCS for those books. (keep reading)

Sirens, Superwomen and Snow Bikini Blondes!

hqorigin Did that headline get your attention? :D What’s up guys. Been a while since I did a brain dump… Let’s get right to what you all came for then! (keep reading)

The Pandora’s Box of the Watchmen’s Rebirths

watchmens Some monster news was leaked about Rebirth this past weekend. (keep reading)

Captain America: Living Legend

287938_20131113230647_large So the other day I was ordering a couple of comics and I started wandering around the online shop to find the cherry on top of the comic cake, then came across this series ... (keep reading)

Batman, Superman and the Justice League Turn 100 in Brazil

liga-100-panini Hi everyone,this week we’ll head to Brazil and go back to March 2011 for some exclusive covers published by Panini Brazil. (keep reading)

New 52 Batman: The Complete Cover Gallery

Batman #52 Rafael Albuquerque Varian Halfway through this run, I created a mosaic with (then) all the covers of the series, so it makes sense (to me, at least) to go ahead and complete it. (keep reading)

Kristen Gudsnuk’s Top 5 Covers

uncannyx-men168 Off the top of my head, I really love the cover to Uncanny X-Men 168: I actually met the inker of this cover, Bob Wiacek, at a convention this year and freaked out at him because I love this run ... (keep reading)

Hanna-Barbera Revamp

Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes #1 - Herculoids, Birdman, Galaxy Trio, Mightor, Tor & Tog With DC soon to launch their updated take on some of Hanna Barbera’s properties, the question on everyone’s mind is clearly “WHAT’S THE SPEC!?!? Ok, probably not but perhaps it should be. (keep reading)

Unmasked Prospecting – Obscure Golden Age 1st Appearances

Rawhide Kid #1 1st App Rawhide Kid Unmasked Prospecting Obscure Golden Age 1st Appearances   Collecting comics and especially speculating on comics usually requires thinking outside the box, especially in the Golden Age. (keep reading)

The Boys Key Issues – Part 1 – The Boys and the Seven

1 A while ago there were reports of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg shopping Garth Ennis' comic The Boys to cable networks. (keep reading)

Preaching to the choir: A Review of the Preacher Pilot

image Friday night at Wondercon in Downtown Los Angeles I got a chance to slide in to see the Preacher pilot with two good friends. (keep reading)

Top 3 Deadpool / Cable Lowest Print Runs & More

Deadpool & Cable #25 Rob Liefeld Variant No surprise, but Deadpool's huge right now and it seems that the next one to follow his path in the Fox/Marvel universe is going to be Cable. (keep reading)

Meat on the Bone: J.Scott Campbell Edition

967857 J. Scott Campbell and his variant covers are the closest things to gold right now in the comic industry. Nobody commands the prices that his variants are receiving right now. (keep reading)


IMG_1338 I know… It’s been a long time and I apologize, but it’s time for a special movie edition of COMICO RIDICULOSO. And let’s be serious, what’s more ridiculous than DEADPOOL? (keep reading)

Top 10 Rare Non Variant Comics You Don’t Know About

1096685 1 Kid 'N Play #9 (1992) Marvel Comics WRITER: Dwight Coye ARTIST: Chuck Frazier 2 Muppet Babies Vol. (keep reading)

Arthur Adams’ Cover Recreations

Captain America Annual #8 I have been trying to stay away from sketchbooks lately ... They are not cheap and they don't have a story, but I find them fascinating: process, commissions, black and white covers, ... (keep reading)