Teenage Mutant Ninja Adventures #40 – April 1994 – Ryan Brown

6239217628_dee4bdf389_b Happy Friday my CBSI friends and family! Welcome back to this week's all new episode of Covers from the Unknown! (keep reading)

NYCC 2016: Artist Spotlight on Lewis Larosa

4440585-01h Lewis Larosa could be the most underrated artist that you may have never heard of. (keep reading)

Dr Strange

doctor_strange_vol_1_177 Well this week's knowledge bank is about one of my favorite characters, who will be hitting the silver screen in one week. (keep reading)

Charity Raffle Update, the M&M Contest & a Podcast Announcement

asm2014001_dc25finalfinal First things first, the charity raffle is closed now and the winners will be announced Friday evening / Saturday morning depending on where you live. (keep reading)

The Good Reads One

Deathstroke #5 Plenty of good reads this week, not so much spec, but that's a good thing. We like comics, we want them to be awesome, right? (keep reading)

Bizarro’s One for 10/26/16

1567216_xl Bizarro had really tough time picking favorite cover this week. Doctor Fate Vol 4 #17 Bizarro love cover that remind Bizarro of 70's. Bizarro already not see world like this. (keep reading)

Variant Heat Check for 10/25/16

Walking Dead #100 2nd Printing Walking Dead #100 2nd Print Variant HEAT CHECK STATUS: Guess who’s back, back again? Negan’s back, tell your friends. After beating the hell out of... (keep reading)

J. Scott Campbell vs Artgerm

batcat Welcome back everyone! This week we’ll try something new by mixing things up a little. Instead of the usual Finding the Pattern, we’ll pit Marvel vs DC, Black Cat vs Batgirl and J. (keep reading)

Fan Expo Vancouver

ba12virg The Fan Expo organizers are getting ready for Fan Expo Vancouver and we all know what that means by now ... awesome variants! (keep reading)

Darkhold, Ms Teschmacher, Baby Groot, X-23 & the Legion of Doom!

marvel_spotlight_vol_1_4 Marvel Spotlight 4 First appearance of Darkhold ( Book of Sins ) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has introduced the book in the current season. (keep reading)

Classic Cover of the Week 10/24/16

comic-cavalcade-19 New Week, New Covers!!   AMERICAN AIR FORCES #2 What a fantastic WWII cover.  Had no idea this book existed until CBSI Podcast hero Jimmy Linguini posted yesterday morning. (keep reading)

Happy Birthday, Wonder Woman!

b6944dca-8af1-4b58-a24a-f08630ed4338 Seems like Wonder Woman's birthday took place yesterday and she's 75 already!!! I think we can all agree she doesn't look a day over 67, though. (keep reading)

J. Scott Campbell’s Connecting Cover Show (feat. Larroca)

10007480_10151942725662581_5114465472398161039_n Since so many people liked the connecting covers article from last week I’m going to keep it going this week with a few more. (keep reading)

No Love: Femme Forgotten (DC edition)

1120009-505977_000_super Lately, females in comics reign supreme, with our most recent infatuations going by the names of X-23 and Harley Quinn. (keep reading)


900_Darkseid_CBSI In this section we'll pit two books that are often seen as first apps against each other in order to see what you, the collector, actually thinks. (keep reading)

J.G. Jones Variants

superior-spider-man-25_2 JG Jones has been on the brink of stardom for years in the world of comic book cover art. (keep reading)

December 2016 (2/2)

stl027340 New Series 215 Ink Doctor Crowe #1 – An adventuring scientist travels the world to battle horrors with science. (keep reading)

Another look at NYCC

14462973_1485427801473473_3829685160317200423_n nhhs96 gave us a day by day break of his NYCC experience over at the forum, but we liked it so much that we thought we would add some of his wonderful pics and put it here for everyone to enjoy. (keep reading)

Subject 17: Rose Wilson AKA 4th Ravager

cbsi_ravager-rose-wilson05 Rose Wilson AKA the 4th Ravager finally showed up inside Deathstroke #3 two weeks ago. (keep reading)

NYCC 2016: Wonder Woman & Bloodshot

s-l1600-2 Wonder Woman Gold Foil   I was attending the Jim Lee signing at the DC booth on Friday afternoon when I noticed a guy had a gold foil version of Wonder Woman #1 Rebirth. (keep reading)

Hughes, JSC, Jim Lee, Dell’Otto, Molina … and Doritos?

239224_20111130221623_large Here is another round of HTF books! Uncharted #1 Adam Hughes 1:10 Variant Appx. Print Run: 617 Appx. (keep reading)

Get these comic book steals for $20 or less!

raze Hey guys, Since I started doing these picks, the spec market has become red hot. I bet you've experienced the thrill of seeing some of your books rocket upwards in value. (keep reading)

The Day After Wednesday for 10/6/16

Deadpool: Back in Black #1 Tyler Kirkham KRS Exclusive Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After Wednesday” list that we hope will help! (keep reading)

Vintage Top 5 for 10/6/16

Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 1 LUKE CAGE #1 This should come as no surprise as this premiered on Friday. Mixed reviews can not hold down Power Man. (keep reading)

The Random Crossover Collection

crossover header It's been a while since we had one of these, so in order to get it going again, I submit for your approval and/or mockery the madness that is my crossover collection!!! (keep reading)


Black Cat Mystery #50 20 Weird Tales of the Future #8 Another Bernard Bailey cover. (keep reading)

Jason Pearson Cover Checklist

jsc1h Like all top cover artists, Jason Pearson can deliver a great cover that catches your eye. Like all top cover artists, Jason Pearson takes as much times as necessary to get the work done. (keep reading)

COMICO RIDICULOSO – Batman’s Detective Comics #475

tec-475 How the hell can a comic be overrated and underrated at the same time? Let me try to get there. Without opening the comic. Don’t hate me. (keep reading)

Batman Adventures #12 Comic Con Box

batmanadventuresblindbox Hello, and welcome back to another One Year later! This week we take a look at a monthly subscription service that offered a reprint of Harley Quinn's very first appearance, Batman Adventures #12. (keep reading)

How to Properly Pack a Comic for Shipping

2 This week, Mr Brian Wood talks to us about his technique to pack comics. Thanks Brian!!! (keep reading)


New_Teen_Titans_Vol_1_2 We will be looking at what has happened to the market in the week following the announcement of the #1 book. (keep reading)

Monica Ain’t Sorry

Art by Philippe Cazamayou Sometimes you’re such a world-owning sassy babe that people can’t help but bite your style. Multiple times, even right down to your name. Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? (keep reading)

Baltimore Comic Con 2016

http://baltimorecomiccon.com/   This Labor Day weekend a large contingent of CBSI members will be converging in Maryland for the 2016 Baltimore Comic Con. (keep reading)

Batman: Harley Quinn

Batman_-_Harley_Quinn_1 If you haven't seen Suicide Squad then you are lucky because your weekend wasn't ruined. This poorly cut film is the latest from WB/DC and it struggles mightily. (keep reading)

Katana’s Tip of the Sword

GalleryComics_1900x900_20140122_KATAN_1_52c745149232e5.00086618 Time for another guest-writer, this time it's Tim S with some info nobody's talking about but is really interesting ... Thanks Tim!!! (keep reading)

Victus #1-4 By Tyrell Cannon

Store_Victus1 I am going to do something a little different this week. I am not going to write about a book being released on Wednesday. (keep reading)

Deadly Class Keys

#12 Opena Variant Classy! Deadly Keys ... The Deadly Class Key Issues! (keep reading)

Marvel Divided

Deadpool #1 This summer has been all about DC Rebirth, prompting many speculators to believe DC had Marvel on the canvas. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, came Riri Williams. (keep reading)

Hot Fiyah Spec: Marvel Champions

PointOneVariant04 There has been a huge resurgence in Marvel speculation the past few weeks thanks to movie rumors and a few new series being announced for the Fall. (keep reading)

Time To Hunt: Walking Dead #156 The Death Of……

spoiler_alert_300_w2[1] Draw your own conclusions on what this means and what kind of bearing it will have on the book's popularity or speculation value. (keep reading)

CBCS vs CGC Gap Analysis

Walking-Dead-1-CGC-9.8-Black-Label-Front-Cover Data Provided by: Scott Robertson There has been an ongoing controversy at CGC for the last 5 weeks. (keep reading)

Silver vs Modern

Black Widow #1 J. Scott Campbel 1:100 Variant You never want to start a conversation with, ‘I hope this doesn’t offend you’, so I won’t say that. I will say that what is about to follow WILL offend someone, and I’m ok with that. (keep reading)


1st App Alana, Marko, The Will, and The Lying Cat One of the most frequent questions by all collectors in this hobby is “What’s the next comic book to shoot up in value? (keep reading)

The Pandora’s Box of the Watchmen’s Rebirths

watchmens Some monster news was leaked about Rebirth this past weekend. (keep reading)

Batman, Superman and the Justice League Turn 100 in Brazil

liga-100-panini Hi everyone,this week we’ll head to Brazil and go back to March 2011 for some exclusive covers published by Panini Brazil. (keep reading)

The J. Scott Campbell Interview

Psylocke sketch finished I know you're probably really bored of talking about it, but how did you get into comics? I was actually quite a big fan of this gentleman right here, Arthur Adams. (keep reading)

Kristen Gudsnuk’s Top 5 Covers

uncannyx-men168 Off the top of my head, I really love the cover to Uncanny X-Men 168: I actually met the inker of this cover, Bob Wiacek, at a convention this year and freaked out at him because I love this run ... (keep reading)

Preaching to the choir: A Review of the Preacher Pilot

image Friday night at Wondercon in Downtown Los Angeles I got a chance to slide in to see the Preacher pilot with two good friends. (keep reading)

Meat on the Bone: J.Scott Campbell Edition

967857 J. Scott Campbell and his variant covers are the closest things to gold right now in the comic industry. Nobody commands the prices that his variants are receiving right now. (keep reading)

Arthur Adams’ Cover Recreations

Captain America Annual #8 I have been trying to stay away from sketchbooks lately ... They are not cheap and they don't have a story, but I find them fascinating: process, commissions, black and white covers, ... (keep reading)