Classic Cover of the Week 5/30/2016

Captain America 128 page Happy Memorial Day!   Captain America 128 page Special Though a reprint of Captain America comics and sporting a cover price of . (keep reading)

Batman (2016) #1

Bulletproof While we all agree on what to call this new age of greatness for DC (let's remain optimistic for now), I thought I would go for the sober Batman (2016) #1 as Rebirth Batman #1 and other different ... (keep reading)

Avengers #80

Avengers #80 I would like to start off by thanking everyone for all the positive responses! Also, when the CBSI guru's are discussing your article on the podcast, I really have to step up my game every week! (keep reading)

Street Fighter Unlimited

Street Fighter Unlimited #1 Street Fighter. I spent many a quarter playing this game when I was in high school. Last December a new Street Fighter inspired comic came out with a cover swipe for each of its issues. (keep reading)

Grader’s Notes: High Grade Comic Books

High Grade Book In this part two of four in the Grader's Notes Article Series, we will explore High Grade Comic books and the grader's notes from CBCS for those books. (keep reading)

Sirens, Superwomen and Snow Bikini Blondes!

hqorigin Did that headline get your attention? :D What’s up guys. Been a while since I did a brain dump… Let’s get right to what you all came for then! (keep reading)

New Year’s Evil Darkseid – October 1998

New-Years-Evil-DC-One-Shots TGIF and welcome back to Covers From the Unknown! This week I bring you the big bad from DC, none other than Darkseid! (keep reading)

The Day After Wednesday for 5/26/16

Superman: Lois And Clark #8 Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! (keep reading)

Unpressable Defects #3

Harley Quinn #26 Variant Trey, Shaun, Khoi, Mel and Jimmy talk about Rebirth, first appearances, Preacher vs Outcast, Captain America, Harley Quinn, Masters of the Universe and a lot more ... And I do mean A LOT MORE!!! (keep reading)

Dora Milaje Want My Power, and They Want My Station

Dora_Milaje_001 Once, twice, three times a lady. Four, five, 500 times a kick ass group of awesome assassins. Also, this is the cover remix, welcome to the party. (keep reading)

Contest: Fan Expo Dallas / Megacon Orlando Variant Set – Part 1

comic-spiderman-deadpool As mentioned on the variant article published back on Monday, the organizers of Fan Expo Dallas (June 3rd to 5th) and Megacon Orlando (starting tomorrow, May 26th to 29th) gave us two sets of this ... (keep reading)

The DC Rebirth One

DCU Rebirth Important week for DC as they switch gears from the New 52 to Rebirth. Marvel keep doing their thing and depending on how Rebirth goes might plan something in the near future I am sure. (keep reading)

Variant Heat Check for 5/24/16

Outcast 010 (2015) (Digital-Empire)023 Outcast #1 SDCC Photo Variant HEAT CHECK STATUS: The first episode of Outcast has dropped before the premiere date on Cinemax to favorable reviews. (keep reading)

The Pandora’s Box of the Watchmen’s Rebirths

watchmens Some monster news was leaked about Rebirth this past weekend. (keep reading)

Breaking News: Justice League 50 & Superman: Lois and Clark #8

cropped_CjGkHNSXAAE53-K     With the Rebirth leak this past weekend, it will definitely take a little wind out of the sails of the Justice League #50 big reveal this week. (keep reading)

Buckaroo Banzai, Grandmaster, Skurge, Doc Savage & more

Buckaroo Banzai Marvel Super Special 33 Kevin Smith is bringing Buckaroo Banzai to TV! Like the Last Starfighter and Labyrinth I suggest buying these now and holding for some time. You will be rewarded. (keep reading)

A few Low Print Variants to Drive You Crazy

image_gallery Well, it has been a while, and because of the great responses, I figured that this subject has probably taken a life of its own and deserves its own article. (keep reading)

Captain America: Living Legend

287938_20131113230647_large So the other day I was ordering a couple of comics and I started wandering around the online shop to find the cherry on top of the comic cake, then came across this series ... (keep reading)

Foreign Editions: Key Sets

starwars  On his follow-up to last week's article, David gives us a taste of some jaw-dropping "key sets". (keep reading)

DC Rebirth Super Spec(ial) – Part Three

Wonder Woman Rebirth Welcome back to the DC Rebirth Super Spec(ial)! (keep reading)

Batman, Superman and the Justice League Turn 100 in Brazil

liga-100-panini Hi everyone,this week we’ll head to Brazil and go back to March 2011 for some exclusive covers published by Panini Brazil. (keep reading)

Indiana Comic Con April 29th-May 1st, 2016

image01 Mr Paul Wiederhold went to Indiana and brought us a message of hope and love!!! Indiana Comic Con was my first ever and I went in with both feet being a seller and buyer at the CBSI/F5 booth. (keep reading)

New 52 Batman: The Complete Cover Gallery

Batman #52 Rafael Albuquerque Varian Halfway through this run, I created a mosaic with (then) all the covers of the series, so it makes sense (to me, at least) to go ahead and complete it. (keep reading)

Tron Variants

Captain America #612 Tron Variant 2010 was an absolute banner year for Marvel Comics. The film studio was churning out successful adaptations and the comic industry as a whole was on a definite upswing. (keep reading)

The J. Scott Campbell Interview

Psylocke sketch finished I know you're probably really bored of talking about it, but how did you get into comics? I was actually quite a big fan of this gentleman right here, Arthur Adams. (keep reading)

Time To Hunt: Batman/Superman #32 & Spider-Man 2099 Vol 3 #10

spoiler-alert   Two pretty big reveals happen tomorrow when the new comics hit the shelves. We brought to you yesterday the big Walking Dead news, and today we have two more little nuggets. (keep reading)

Hot Fiyah Spec: Walking Dead #154

The-walking-dead-154-cover                             If you've been keeping up with the Walking Dead ... (keep reading)

Kristen Gudsnuk’s Top 5 Covers

uncannyx-men168 Off the top of my head, I really love the cover to Uncanny X-Men 168: I actually met the inker of this cover, Bob Wiacek, at a convention this year and freaked out at him because I love this run ... (keep reading)

Hanna-Barbera Revamp

Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes #1 - Herculoids, Birdman, Galaxy Trio, Mightor, Tor & Tog With DC soon to launch their updated take on some of Hanna Barbera’s properties, the question on everyone’s mind is clearly “WHAT’S THE SPEC!?!? Ok, probably not but perhaps it should be. (keep reading)

Unmasked Prospecting – Obscure Golden Age 1st Appearances

Rawhide Kid #1 1st App Rawhide Kid Unmasked Prospecting Obscure Golden Age 1st Appearances   Collecting comics and especially speculating on comics usually requires thinking outside the box, especially in the Golden Age. (keep reading)

The Boys Key Issues – Part 1 – The Boys and the Seven

1 A while ago there were reports of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg shopping Garth Ennis' comic The Boys to cable networks. (keep reading)

Preaching to the choir: A Review of the Preacher Pilot

image Friday night at Wondercon in Downtown Los Angeles I got a chance to slide in to see the Preacher pilot with two good friends. (keep reading)

Top 3 Deadpool / Cable Lowest Print Runs & More

Deadpool & Cable #25 Rob Liefeld Variant No surprise, but Deadpool's huge right now and it seems that the next one to follow his path in the Fox/Marvel universe is going to be Cable. (keep reading)

Meat on the Bone: J.Scott Campbell Edition

967857 J. Scott Campbell and his variant covers are the closest things to gold right now in the comic industry. Nobody commands the prices that his variants are receiving right now. (keep reading)


IMG_1338 I know… It’s been a long time and I apologize, but it’s time for a special movie edition of COMICO RIDICULOSO. And let’s be serious, what’s more ridiculous than DEADPOOL? (keep reading)

Top 10 Rare Non Variant Comics You Don’t Know About

1096685 1 Kid 'N Play #9 (1992) Marvel Comics WRITER: Dwight Coye ARTIST: Chuck Frazier 2 Muppet Babies Vol. (keep reading)

To Sign or Not To Sign

Preacher_01b When I first got back into comics a few years ago, I disliked signed books. I felt the autograph detracted from the cover art and thought they should be worth less. (keep reading)

Arthur Adams’ Cover Recreations

Captain America Annual #8 I have been trying to stay away from sketchbooks lately ... They are not cheap and they don't have a story, but I find them fascinating: process, commissions, black and white covers, ... (keep reading)